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Ellen Shared Audience Members' Embarrassing Instagram Pictures And I'm Laughing But Also Praying For Them

Featuring some very interesting pics...

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On Monday, Ellen did one of my favorite segments of hers, where she scrolls through audience members' embarrassing Instagram photos and kind of roasts them:

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First up was someone named Deanna, who posted this pic, captioned, "Throwback to the night I don't remember."

Then Deanna asked when it was and Ellen was like "Really?!"


Turns out, the picture was actually not her really getting arrested. Her brother-in-law works as hotel security and Diana thought it was a great photo opp. Probably not for future employers, Diana!

Next up was Pedro, who posted this picture.

Last but not least was Jaime, who posted this photo of himself for Man Crush Monday, captioned, "My #mcm all day everyday!"