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    Chrissy Teigen Nearly Got Run Over But Someone Saved Her Life So Everything's OK


    I'm not being dramatic, but Chrissy Teigen nearly died yesterday.


    OK maybe I am being a little dramatic, but she did nearly get run over. It's story time, sweeties!


    So Chrissy was in New York yesterday, where she continued to not tell us who bit Beyoncé, but let's not get off track.

    Raymond Hall / GC Images

    Here she is again, this time with a coat and...

    Raymond Hall / GC Images

    ...a man-baby?

    Hey @chrissyteigen this looks like you have strapped a very small man to your boob. Happy Thursday x

    Of course, this was Chrissy's reaction.

    Another fan asked where security was, since the guy seemed pretty goddamn close for no apparent reason.

    Felipe Ramales / Felipe Ramales / Splash News

    Which is when Chrissy revealed that the man had actually saved her life ... and by saved her life I mean he stopped her from getting run over by a cyclist.

    @Nvme333_NV Nah he actually saved me from getting run over by a cyclist. I should have looked before stepping out!

    So if you're the person in this picture, from us and the whole Twitterdom, we say THANK YOU. You're a hero.

    Felipe Ramales / Splash News

    Now Chrissy, about that Beyoncé bite...

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