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    Only A True Bulakenyo Will Get A Perfect Score On This Quiz

    BulaCAN you do it?

    Flickr: 21905294@N03 / Creative Commons
    1. Let’s start easy: what is Bulacan’s provincial capital?

    2. Which hero is not from Bulacan?

    3. True or False:
      Barasoain Church is
      the site of the First
      Philippine Republic

    4. Who is the current governor of the province?

    5. Which of these food items didn’t originate from Bulacan?

    6. True or False:
      Guillermo Tolentino, whose masterpieces were The Monument of Andres Bonifacio in Caloocan and the UP Oblation, was born in Bulacan.

    7. Which of these festivals isn’t held in Bulacan?

    8. What does “kilik” mean?

    9. Where is Angat dam located?

    10. Which municipality did pastillas originate from?

    11. And finally, the most important question of all, BulaCAN you
      pass this test?

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