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    17 Doggy Glow-Ups That Prove How Important Grooming Is

    From frumpy to floofy!!!

    1. YES ears, YAAAAAASSSSS tail!!!

    3. ...and AFTER!

    4. Sometimes all you need's a little touchup!

    5. From dirty to ~FLIRTY!~ 💁

    6. A more rebellious look for a good boye gone bad.

    7. Proof of the floof!

    8. "You have been visited by the mystical Sunset Doggo. Comment 'Spare me, Sunset Doggo' or else you will be cursed with eternal darkness!"

    9. #justgirlythingz

    10. Flick that tail, henny!

    11. AB- 👏 -SO- 👏 -LUTE- 👏 -LY. 👏

    12. Simply gorgine.

    13. Look how much confidence he gained!!! FABULOUS!

    14. Look at this bleppin, blushin' CoverGirl™!!!

    15. Giving me pink Fennekin REALNESS!!!

    16. Okuuuurrrrrrrr, I see you lookin' back at it...

    17. And lastly — *cues Pocahontas backing track* — can you paint with all the colors of this floofy tail?!

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