Canada Wants To Sell Legal Weed In The Most Boring Packaging Possible

    Like David's Tea, for weed.

    As Canada moves closer to legalizing cannabis, the federal government wants to reiterate that WEED IS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE FUN, EVER.

    Health Canada just announced new regulations that will guide how weed will be grown and sold in Canada.

    Here's what the federal government envisions as packaging for weed in stores.

    Here's another example.

    According to the proposed rules, only one "brand element" will be allowed on the packaging and it can't be any bigger than the giant THC stop sign that will be affixed to all products.

    Packages will also need a whole bunch of other information, including the all-caps warning "KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN."

    Basically, legal weed is going to look like bags of DavidsTea.

    @ManishaKrishnan How long before I mistake my weed for my David's Tea collection?

    This is just a week after Ontario showed off its incredibly bland name and logo for its government-run cannabis stores.

    People are pointing out the apparent double standard when it comes to alcohol, which is much more harmful than weed.

    alcohol is statistically the most dangerous drug when harms to both user & others are combined — far, far worse than cannabis — yet it's not required to be sold with "plain packaging" or have bright warning labels.

    Then again, it's what's inside the package that counts.

    Guys, guys, it's what's inside that counts. Are we really concerned that weed won't sell unless it has exciting packaging?

    The same Health Canada document also uses the dimensions of a hockey rink to explain how big an area of 200 square metres is, because...of course.

    Canada released a report on legal weed today. The authors needed a way to compare the maximum size of a licensed "micro-cultivation" area. And lo, in all its Canadian glory:

    This is what happens when the normies take over.