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    40 Adorable Things For Your Desk That'll Make Mondays So Much Easier

    Mondays are way better with 1. lasagna and 2. cute stuff for your desk.

    1. Flower scissors you'll want to ~pick~ over all other shears.

    2. A swimmingly delightful mermaid pen that dispenses sound advice like, "make friends with a crab."

    3. A cheery mini notebook to bring color to your grey mornings.

    4. A tape dispenser that is otter-ly adorable.

    5. Succulent patterned folders to turn your filing cabinet into a garden.

    6. Speaking of filing cabinets, a tiny one to keep your business cards in! What is this, an office for ANTS?

    7. An accordion folder with a happy little face on it that kind of looks like you once you get your hands on it.

    8. Or a patterned folder for maxing out your kitsch level.

    9. Diligent dino students with backpacks that will be the highlight of your day (because they're highlighters).

    10. A tiny jar of doughnut erasers for a sweet surprise on your desk.

    11. A starry-eyed llama pen that will get "The Llama Song" stuck in your head every time you use it.

    12. A mint tape dispenser and paper clips for a fresh new office look.

    13. Flamingo paper clips to remind you that your next vacation is closer than you think.

    14. A rainbow stick notepad that's gonna make a hue-ge difference in your mood when you see it every morning.

    15. Tasseled paperclips to add a little ~razzle dazzle~ to your paperwork.

    16. A four-part notepad that becomes a sunset when assembled. You won't want to ~set~ this down!

    17. A bear-y nice letter organizer to get all your memos, notebooks, and envelopes in order.

    18. A pair of cord organizers that will have your coworkers tongue-tied over how cute they are.

    19. A pack of Totoro push pins for hanging up all your Studio Ghibli fan art.

    20. A sloth tape dispenser with iridescent tape covered in more little sloths (!!!).

    21. Topography-inspired notepads to elevate your mood when the 4 pm slump hits you.

    22. A lil' cactus humidifier, because your office is as dry as the desert.

    23. A pack of lil' bun push pins for a very hoppy Monday.

    24. A bunch of animal erasers so you can feel like a zookeeper at your desk.

    25. Sticky notes shaped like teeny-tiny folders for turning your notebook into a filing cabinet.

    26. A box of popcorn erasers to enjoy while secretly watching a movie in the corner of your screen.

    27. Pawsitively charming sticky notes so you never lose your place again.

    28. A collection of squishy friends you can squeeze the living daylights out of every time Eric from accounting hits reply all.

    29. A mug with a surprise cat inside that's the purrfect way to make your Keurig coffee taste better.

    30. A pack of woodland creature pencils to make crosswords at lunch feel like a hike in the woods.

    31. A transparent critter that checks up on you and keeps all your notes at eye level.

    32. A mushroom vacuum you can ~power up~ every time you find yourself covered in crumbs after eating at your desk.

    33. A planter with some serious personality, so you never have to feel lonely in your cubicle.

    34. A delightful set of fruit coasters, mug lids, and snail tea bag holders for getting your tea routine a new look.

    35. A charming panda mug with a pocket to hold your cookie or breakfast bar.

    36. Pink, clear desk drawers for all your tiny odds and ends that might get lost in the black hole of your other drawers.

    37. Pawsome cat bookends to keep all your tomes upright.

    38. Watercolor washi tape for the dreamiest scrapbooking ever.

    39. Tiny poop pencil sharpeners that will delight your inner child (or you real child if you work from home).

    40. And some Garfield pens so you know you're not alone in your Monday dread.

    The carpool to work is gonna be so much more exciting now.

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