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36 Tiny But Fucking Annoying Things Many Women Have To Deal With

Wearing a jumpsuit and having to get butt-ass naked just to pee.

1. Shaving your legs and feeling like a smooth and supple dolphin for about half an hour before you can feel the prickly hairs growing back.

2. Or shaving your legs and then realising you left an entire section out behind your knee.

3. Realising you need to change your pad or tampon when you’ve already sat on the toilet seat and you don’t have a spare with you.

4. Feeling as if you need to change your pad RIGHT NOW and then getting to the toilet and seeing that your pad’s almost empty.

5. Taking your bag to the toilet and being asked why you’re taking your bag.

6. Not wearing makeup and being told you look tired.

7. Trying on shoes that feel a little tight in the store, buying them against your better judgement, giving yourself a blister, and then never wearing them again.

8. Using a hair tie that’s too loose when wrapped around your hair twice, but won’t go round a third time because it’s too tight.

9. Tights that make your butt itch for no reason.

10. Stabbing yourself in the eye with a mascara wand.

11. Wanting to cut your hair for aaaages and then low-key regretting it immediately after it’s done.

12. Applying your makeup on public transport and having the bus or train suddenly jolt forward so you end up with lipstick on your eyelid.

13. Smudging your nails half a second after you finish painting them.

14. Probably because you needed to pee.

15. Or getting a random fibre stuck to your nail and having to decide whether to fish it out and mess up your hard work, or leave it be but be annoyed about it forever.

16. Having any hairstyle that means you can’t fit your over-the-ear headphones over your head anymore.

17. Wearing heels that only hurt a very small, random section of the bottom of your feet.

18. Wearing the wrong colour underwear under your clothes and having your bright pink bra faintly show through your top the entire day.

19. Getting a hangnail stuck to your tights and then making a giant ladder in them.

20. Having your tights constantly roll down during the day and then trying to inconspicuously pull them up through your skirt.

21. Going directly into the rain after straightening your hair.

22. Sweating in the heat after straightening your hair.

23. Struggling in a pair of heels all night, finally taking them off, and still having the pain from the heels in your feet for hours afterwards.

24. Wanting nothing more but to get in bed but realising you haven’t taken your makeup off.

25. Getting those painful and kinda itchy marks on your body from a tight bra.

26. And being stabbed in the boob by a pesky underwire.

27. Washing your face and getting the water EVERYWHERE despite adverts somehow making it seem as if it’s an easy, tidy experience.

28. Having one of your pop socks slip off your feet in your shoe.

29. Wearing a ponytail that’s so tight it’s almost as relieving as taking your bra off at the end of the day when you take it down.

30. Coming home after a night out and realising you left your room a complete mess and still have to tidy it.

31. Wearing a jumpsuit and having to get butt-ass naked just to pee.

32. Having hair so thick that your puny hair tie breaks straightaway.

33. Accidentally touching your face when you have makeup on and then inadvertently staining every white object you come into contact with.

34. Shaving your pubes and getting razor bumps that you have to try not to itch otherwise you’ll make them worse.

35. Itching them anyway.

36. Getting an invite that specifies “smart casual” and realising you don’t actually know what “smart casual” means.