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    15 Reasons Why Parents Don't Get Enough Credit, Ever

    We deserve a million dollars, every day.

    1. We get puked on, a lot.

    2. We have to clean up poo, a lot.

    3. And we have to clean our kid's messes, a lot.

    4. We have to fish things out of the toilet, a lot.

    5. We don't have privacy, a lot.

    6. We have to do laundry, a lot.

    7. We have to take care of little accidents, a lot.

    8. And we have to deal with disasters, a lot.

    9. We have to wake up in the middle of the night, a lot.

    10. And we have to get up early, a lot.

    11. We have to hear crying, a lot.

    12. We have to pick things up, a lot.

    13. And we have to put things back, a lot.

    14. We tie multiple pairs of shoes, a lot.

    15. And we have to dress ourselves and another person, a lot (every day).

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