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21 Annoying Movie Clichés That Never Fail To Piss People Off

Why does nobody eat the food they order at restaurants?

We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which movie clichés annoy the hell out of them. Here are some of their responses!

1. People waking up in hospital and immediately being alert enough to pull out their IV drips.

2. Defibrillators having magical properties that can bring people back to life, even when not used properly.

3. Characters at bars never having to pay or show ID.

4. People wearing shoes on their bed.

5. Women still being hairless with groomed eyebrows in the midst of a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

6. Nobody ever saying "goodbye" on the phone and always hanging up instead.

7. The over-use of "it's showtime!"

8. Women wearing tank tops and underwear to bed.

9. Women always wearing men's button-down shirts as a ~sexy~ outfit.

10. A character switching on the news and it always being conveniently related to the plot in that moment.

11. A nerdy character explaining something and someone replying with "in English please."

12. Women pretty much never going into battle with their hair pulled back.

13. Any time that women vomit in movies, it's an indication of pregnancy.

14. Every alien invasion involving a blue sky beam.

15. Kids in movies being super-precocious and wise.

16. Movies pretending that slim female characters eat nothing but junk food all the time and never exercise.

17. Conveniently shaped bedsheets covering women from the chest down, but not men.

18. People planning dates without exchanging any important details.

19. Nobody actually eating the food they order at restaurants.

20. People drinking from obviously empty cups.

21. And of course, girls only being considered attractive once they straighten their hair and get rid of their glasses.

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