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    21 Stunning Tattoos That'll Make You Want To Run Out And Get Inked Today

    I never thought I'd want a tattoo of a watermelon, but here I am.

    1. This nature-inspired Fibonacci spiral that's half mathematical and half magical.

    2. This abstract portrait that proves complementary colors look amazing on skin.

    3. This pop art collage that truly belongs in a museum.

    4. This framed flower that comes to life before your eyes.

    5. This hummingbird that's simple, yet sweet.

    6. These delicate flowers that are guaranteed to brighten your mood.

    7. This melanin tribute that should honestly be the poster for black girl magic.

    8. These layered triangles that could also double as the coolest cover art for an alt-rock album.

    9. This statement piece that you'll never want to hide with long sleeves.

    10. This watercolor creation that looks right out of a fairytale.

    11. This abstract art that proves that bodies are the perfect canvas.

    12. This watermelon that will never go out of season.

    13. This Alice in Wonderland inspired tattoo that will have you falling down the tattoo rabit hole in no time.

    14. These plants that you don't have to worry about watering every day.

    15. This Up tribute that's a perfect reminder that adventure awaits.

    16. This Secret Garden scene that brings the book to life.

    17. This hyper-realistic portrait that looks straight out of National Geographic.

    18. This lifelike Medusa that's both terrifying and mesmerizing.

    19. This lovely little deer portrait that's perfect for anyone who wears their Patronus on their sleeve.

    20. This traditional portrait for the classic tattoo lovers.

    21. And finally, this spaceship that's ~out of this world~.