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    People Think Jeremy Corbyn’s Hat Was Photoshopped To Look Russian, So We Tried It Out

    BBC Newsnight has denied an image of Corbyn was deliberately made to look Russian.

    By now you will have heard the claims that BBC Newsnight photoshopped Jeremy Corbyn, seen here in a hat, to look "Russian".

    People got really angry.

    The BBC actually photoshopped Jeremy Corbyn's hat to make it look more Russian for this smear on Newsnight. Let that sink in. The BBC is being used as an anti- #Labour propaganda machine.

    Newsnight denied the claims and said it was the result of a change in contrast and colour.

    Our (excellent,hardworking) graphics team explained the image has had the contrast increased & been colour treated, usual treatment for screen graphics as they need more contrast to work through the screens. If you look you can see it’s same hat in silhouette

    We went down to Topshop to buy the hat (which was trending online) and tried it on seven people to see if it would look the same without retouching.

    We asked each person to pose in a similar way to Corbyn and edited the contrast and colour in a similar way to the image on BBC Newsnight.

    After each person wore the hat we showed them the finished photos and asked them one question: "Do you think you look Russian?"

    1. Patrick Smith

    2. Ikran Dahir

    3. Tim Lane

    4. Steven Vig

    5. Ailbhe Malone

    6. Ryan Broderick

    7. Paul Curry