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    27 Amazing Products With Over 1,000 Reviews On Amazon

    A cat tunnel, waterproof wireless headphones, a mini green house, and 24 other products on Amazon that hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people absolutely *adore*.


    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI β€” prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A Tuft and Needle mattress so comfortable, you may never want to sleep on anything else again.

    Promising review: "We were skeptical, but we had had it with traditional mattresses, furniture stores, and salespeople. Only two years earlier we spent a chunk of change on a highly reputable mattress manufacturer. It was never supportive enough and we found, after only a few months, we were having trouble sleeping. After reading reviews and reading the Tuft & Needle guarantee, we made the leap. Our mattress came quickly and was easy to unpack. It wasn't long before it had expanded to a queen-size mattress. From night one, it was heaven. I was concerned that, as the months went by, we would notice sagging, indentations, and loss of support. More than six months later, I am happy to report that this mattress has continued to serve us well. You can't feel much movement transfer, which is wonderful as I tend to stay up later than my husband. You can sit on the edges and not sink. It still looks new. No body imprints to be found. Combined, we are about 375 lbs. and we are tall, so we put some weight on it. Recently, we stayed at a hotel and the bed drove me nuts. The springs made noise. I could feel it every time my husband moved. It was uncomfortable. The bed was not old or of poor quality, it is just that when you become accustomed to a Tuft & Needle, it is difficult to sleep on anything else. I can't imagine we will buy a mattress from another company again." β€”Munkey

    Price: $375+ (available in six sizes)

    2. A Breville barista express coffee machine for brewing up the best cup of coffee or shot of espresso around, so you can finally stop single handedly keeping Starbucks in business.

    Promising review: "This machine has turned me into a bonafide coffee snob. While it took some time to tweak all of the essential dimensions (water temp, grind size, coffee amount, draw time, basket type, etc.), I now make the most delectable coffee on earth because of this gorgeous contraption. It's the first thing I think about when my eyes open in the morning. I've ditched all of the other coffee-making paraphernalia in my kitchen (french press, grinders, baskets, pour-over devices, and others ) because they pale in comparison to the gold that comes out of this happy faucet. If my apartment goes up in flames and I have to escape quickly down the fire escape, my coffee machine is coming with me." β€”Angie

    Price: $599.95 (available in three colors)

    3. A moisturizing serum filled with vitamin C, E, and hyaluronic acid to give you radiant skin.,

    Promising review: "This is an amazing product! I have been using this product for only a month and I can see such a difference in my skin. I'm 57 and since my 20s I've had dark spots on my face. I have used so many creams and treatments and spent so much money and never had good results. This vitamin C serum has been a miracle. My spots on my nose have already completely faded. And the others are almost gone ! My skin feels soft, so soft. I can go out without having to cake my face in makeup to cover the spots. I highly recommend this product." β€”Carmen

    Price: $16.75

    4. A Columbia rain jacket to protect you from the rainy spring ahead.

    Promising review: "Just what I was looking for! I am 5'8" and 160 lbs., and the large fits great! The back has the vent all the way across secured with velcro. The fabric is waterproof. The hood is big enough to cover your whole head even with a ponytail. The jacket does pack up into its own bag. To determine which pocket it packs into, look for the packable tag inside one of the pockets. Once you locate this, just stuff it in their until you can zip it. The hood does stow away in the collar as well. Best price around." β€”Gingerbread

    Price: $24.96+ (available in 19 colors, sizes XS–3XL)

    5. A pair of rain boots for when it's raining cats and dogs but you're still trying to look cute AF.

    Promising review: "I live in the Seattle area, and rain is never ending. I've been buying fashionable rain boots lately to try to feel better about the depressing weather. These are great! They are comfortable, very well-made, and the heel on these feels well-built and thick. I will agree with other reviewers that these are very tall. I am 5'8" and I wear a 36" pant length. These come up to about an inch under my knee. I went with the lime boots, and they look exactly as the picture. These boots could fit any size leg because I have average size legs and there is still room in these. I was able to pull them all the way up easily. Overall, I'm really pleased with these and will buy from this brand again!" β€”KristyRae21

    Price: $28.24+ (available in 58 colors/patterns, women's sizes 5–10)

    6. A set of measuring spoons sturdy enough to measure out heavy ingredients like brown sugar. Plus, it has a ring to keep the set together so you never lose that tiny 1/8 teaspoon.

    Promising review: "I really love this set of measuring spoons. Two sets ago were plastic and the amounts eventually wore off. Last set was metal, but not very sturdy. I actually bent the tablespoon measuring brown sugar. That set also did not include a 1/2 tablespoon size or a 1/8 teaspoon size. I always had to look up how many teaspoons in 1/2 tablespoon and fudge when recipes called for 1/8 teaspoon by trying to fill 1/4 teaspoon halfway. I am happy to say that none of the afore-mentioned problems exists with this set. I also like the minimalist design: functional, yet comfortable and sturdy. Great set of spoons." β€”R. Preston

    Price: $9.99

    7. A lightweight dress that'd be the perfect addition to your spring wardrobe.,

    Promising review: "I bought the floral pink and the royal blue! They are beautiful, modest and comfortable! The small has a 29–30" waist and is 35–36" long from shoulder to the bottom of the hemline. These are made of knit fabric so it is easy to move around. These dresses can be worn to work, church or to the store! Add some jewelry or a belt and jacket and you are ready to go out on the town! I would definitely recommend these dresses!" β€”LAK

    Price: $12.99+ (available in 32 colors, sizes XS–3XL)

    8. A bundt pan that'll make it look like you did the most but with minimal effort.

    Promising review: "This pan was a dream to use! I followed the manufacturers directions about using shortening and flour to coat the pan. When the cake was done, I let it sit in the pan for 10 minutes. When I inverted the pan to remove the cake, it fell out instantly without having to shake the pan or bang it on the counter. The release was immediate and the detail was beautiful! I took the first cake from this pan to a party and everyone raved about it. It was a boxed chocolate cake mix with Bailey's Irish cream glaze. It was fabulous! I would recommend this pan without reservation. It is a very heavy pan and it washed up in seconds. I doubt I will ever need to buy another bundt pan. LOVE IT!" β€”D. Shelby

    Price: $22.86+ (available in four colors)

    9. A set of two collapsible cat tunnels for your kitty to frolic and play in.

    Promising review: "I have had these tunnels for almost a year and I really want to say that if you are on the fence about getting these tunnels, take the plunge. I bought these for my two-year-old cat named Toby. They ware very well-priced and for the price, I didn't expect much. Well, I am very impressed. They have retained their shape and they stand up to Toby running through them, back and forth. I have one of those circular scratch pads with a ball that spins around on the outer edge. Toby goes to the end of the one tunnel and hits the ball so it goes fast around the track and he runs around and hides in the tunnel. He does the same thing over and over." β€”Nancy B.

    Price: $12.97

    10. A storage rack with so many possibilities, you might as well get a few!

    Promising review: "This product exceeds our expectations. Color is deep bronze as advertised, weight is good, and welds seem good. Mounting was a breeze with included hardware and a level. These are more solidly built than we expected and we are so happy we opted for the two-pack, so we have one for each bathroom. Even our bath sheets fit in the four bottom holders if rolled tightly, but the top two are too deep for hand towels. It works out just great! Thanks for giving us a product we can recommend whole-heartedly for its value, function, and aesthetic appeal. We love these and we highly recommend them. We expect to purchase another to mount in our camper." β€”M. Bryant

    Price: $24.87

    11. A glass teapot (with an infuser) that'll be as functional as it is beautiful.

    Promising review: "I have been wanting an infuser tea pot for a long time. I use the tea balls and hate trying to cram loose tea into the ball and get it shut. I also didn't like trying to get the wet tea out after use. It seemed like a really messy way to make tea. This tea pot seemed to be the perfect solution and the price is cheap. I have used it every day for four days now. I fill the infuser with crushed peppermint and stevia leaves. I also add one family size tea bag or two green tea bags because the peppermint was too weak alone. I let the pot sit for about 10 minutes and it turns out perfect for me. The pot is super easy to clean and the mesh cleans up better than the tea balls." β€”Sheila L.

    Price: $17.99+ (available in two sizes)

    12. A whiteboard mail organizer that'll solve three problems at once: lost keys, forgotten appointments, and mail everywhere!

    Promising review: "This is super adorable. It fits everything I need. My husband and I are both in the healthcare field and when we come home we don't want to put away our pens and badges away in drawers JUST to take it out again the next day. So instead of having all of our pens and badges all over the counter, we put it away in the holders. I was worried that the bins would be too small to hold all of our things but it is the perfect size!!! I love it and you can't beat the price. It is amazing quality and super easy to place on the wall. I highly recommend" β€”Jennie

    Price: $34.99 (available with a corkboard or mirror and in multiple sizes)

    13. A super sturdy and sharp peeler cheap enough that you won't mind replacing it if it gets a little rusty.

    Promising review: "Best peelers on the market for the price. Let's be honest, no one is ever going to take the time to replace the blade of their peeler when it isn't sharp anymore, might as well just replace them as needed, and the price point on these fits that. These are shaped strangely because they are meant to be held differently from the traditional peelers, and in holding these Y-shaped peelers properly you are afforded more dexterity, control, and ultimately speed when using this device. I've peeled a ton of potatoes in my day, and Y-shaped peelers are most efficient for the task, same story for carrots." β€”Helpful

    If you work in kitchens and peel things, put one of these in your knife bag! You wont regret it if you lose it, and you'll be glad you have it when you need it.

    Price: $5 (available in nine colors)

    14. A hanging pot rack β€” it may make your kitchen look like it belongs to a fancy chef.

    Promising review: "We have a very small galley style kitchen. We don't have much cabinet space and are always shoving pots and pans wherever we can fit them. We decided to get a ceiling rack. I was worried that because it is small, it would be flimsy. It isn't! it is a little powerhouse. It assembled like a charm with clear directions. Hanging it is a two person job because it is awkward not due to any issue with the rack. It holds our everyday pots and pans. It also came with lots of hooks, something that others didn't. For our space this is perfect and I am happy with the quality. If we were to ever get more space I would check into this brand for a bigger rack before looking elsewhere." β€”Rcc

    Price: $34.98+ (available in four colors)

    15. A non-skid silicone mat with stainless steel bowls as adorable as the pup who's going to be eating from them.

    Promising review: "The stainless-steel bowls and rubber stand are fantastic, lightweight, and hold the perfect amount of food and water for my two Shelties. This is interesting because I ensure that both dogs always have fresh, clean, cold water and at least a cup of dry dog food in their dishes. I particularly like this product because the dishes are stackable and the stand folds on itself and all fit comfortably in the dogs' travel bag, which I use when dropping them off at the dog sitter when I have business out of town. I highly recommend this product for anyone with a small- to medium-sized dog." β€”R Shanahan

    Price: $16.99+ (available in two shapes)

    16. A high-pressure shower head with six settings to give your shower all the luxury of a high-end hotel.

    Promising review: "Best $20 I ever spent! I thought I would give this AquaDance shower head a try because Amazon has such a great return policy! I loved it so much, I bought a second one for my other bathroom. I had no idea that my shower could have that much power! The water comes out so nicely and with a good force. I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants to get more power out of their shower. Just screw it on and it's ready to go!" β€”Tiffany

    Price: $16.99

    17. A set of three motion sensor LED lights for illuminating your cabinets when you get up for a midnight snack.

    Promising review: "These are a great low-tech approach to motion sensor lighting. The lights take three AAA batteries each, not included. I expect them to last awhile as LED doesn't draw much from a battery. In an old house with limited outlets this was a great solution. I used the magnet on one to attach waist level to the refrigerator as our sink and medicine cabinet is directly across. The others are placed low in doorways to act as a pathway to the bathroom. No plugs and no smart phone needed. These work well." β€”C Clark

    Price: $9.99

    18. A bottle of V.I.Poo toilet spray because I know you'd like to thank yo sh*t don't stank but really, you should get some V.I.Poo.


    Promising review: "Ok I thought this was a joke...OMGGGG the joke was on me. My poo odors can make onions cry. It's embarrassing, really. I even tried to rearrange my poo schedule at work since I was getting tired of going to different floors and dodging co-workers when nature started screaming LET US OUT! When the moment hit, I shook my little pre-poo stink mixture, sprayed the toilet water about five times, and said a prayer. Then nothing!!! screams for a courtesy flush from the husband, no children yelling for me to close the door, no gagging from my self-inflicted poo cloud of horror... just peace. Why did I not know about this product? Why is this not mass marketed? Why is it not licensed to every toilet bowl manufacturer to auto dispense after after every flush? This is TRULY a life saver and my anxiety over public pooping is 100% cured!!! I bought the lavender V.I.Poo and me, my husband, my mom, and everyone else I can share with are customers for life!!!" β€”Insane Mommy

    Price: $5.97 (available in three scents)

    19. A six-drawer mobile organizer for turning unsightly items into a beautiful rainbow. Magic!

    Promising review: "This is the most perfect thing to keep my children's school stuff organized. I bought two of them! I put their school clothes in the larger bins, and any special assignments that are due for each day go in the matching bins on the right. No more forgetting pajama day for me!! I also put their backpacks on top of their carts so now they never lose those either. Makes getting ready in the morning so much faster. Great buy, and highly recommended." β€”Jennifer

    Price: $46.98 (available in six sizes, and four colors)

    20. A no-frills one-step body weight scale without any complicated extras.

    Promising review: "This is a very good quality scale. I appreciate the fact that it does one thing and one thing only; it weighs things. It doesn't calculate your BMI, it doesn't ask you to program different members of the household, and it doesn't connect via Bluetooth to your smart devices. It's accurate to about two tenths of a pound. When you stand on it, it doesn't feel like it's going to break. The digital readout lights up only when you stand on it, so it's easy to read and you can use it in the dark. It's got a sleek look to it so I don't feel the need to hide it when company comes." β€”Courtney G.

    Price: $22.90

    21. A pair of wireless waterproof headphones for taking your workouts up a notch.

    Promising review: "I can't even believe that bluetooth earbuds at this price point could sound so good. You simply CANNOT complain about these. They fit your ears with many optional 'ear tips' and 'ear wings' stay in place, are really comfortable, and isolate sound reasonably well without pressurizing your ear canal (I hate that feeling). They're waterproof, the controls are intelligible, and use is intuitive. Even the little confirmation sounds it makes for power on, pairing, etc., are pleasant compared to many other bluetooth headphones I have tried. The sound is rich, thick, balanced, and encompassing. I am EXTREMELY picky about sound quality, and I have returned more headphones than I have kept because they sound tinny, distant, quiet, or like a telephone. These though have way more bass than they have any right to. This has quickly become my standard, and I will likely buy another set." β€”Derek Nor

    Price: $27.99

    22. A bi-fold multi-card wallet to organize all those old gift cards you've been hoarding.

    Promising review: "I LOVE this wallet. It is such a beautiful and unique color. The quality of this wallet is exceptional. I was worried about the card slots being too small to get the cards in/out but they are perfect. If you are anything like me and like nice things without spending a fortune and need a wallet don't hesitate on purchasing this one!" β€”Jessica H.

    Price: $19.99 (available in 35 colors)

    23. A four-tier mini greenhouse to help you grow a vegetable or herb garden! Green thumb not included.,

    Promising review: "This greenhouse is the perfect size for an indoor garden! I love mine...and the plants do too! I can't believe how much faster my plants are growing right now! I keep a shallow dish of water with gravel in it to help keep the humidity levels up, and despite there not being a bottom to the greenhouse, it's retaining heat and moisture like a pro!" β€”Lindsay Fox

    Price: $39.85

    24. An animal ring holder because if you're going to trust anyone with your most prized possessions it's going to be this adorable little kitty cat.

    Promising review: "It's adorable! I have three rings I always wear and this little elephant is the perfect keeper of them. It's small so it will take next to no space on your shelf or dresser. It has a little bit of weight to it and is very sturdy so you don't have to worry about this cute holder falling over no matter how many rings you put on it, and it has a felt liner on the bottom to protect it and your surfaces. I love this mini purchase!" β€”Buyer1234

    Price: $9.09+ (available in four animals and two colors)

    25. An adjustable laptop stand ideal for people who work long hours in front of a computer β€” now you can alternate between sitting and standing.

    Promising review: "I love this! I've been working on my laptop from my bed for years now and have neck and arm issues because of the angle and looking down. I've been using this for several weeks, and it really helps my neck stay in a more neutral position, which results in less strain. It's very sturdy. You can set it to the side and not worry about it overheating or tipping over when you take a break. Plus, there is a nice USB fan that is easy to use that's built in. Easy to adjust. I wish I had found this YEARS AGO! I use a variation of one of the recommended settings, and it's perfect for me!" β€”Kerrie L. Keller

    Price: $39.99

    26. A spirograph design set that'll give kids (or adults) hours of fun creating interesting and colorful designs.

    Promising review: "This was a gift for my granddaughter, who is eight. We came across a Spirograph at a kid's science museum, and she fell in love with it. This is a great version of the Spirograph and at a great price. I also loved Spirograph, as I had one 50 years ago. Amazing that the joy of this continues. There is so much entertainment and hidden education in this toy, and best of all, it doesn't have a screen or need to be plugged in! I am so glad to see this toy is still around. My granddaughter loves it." β€”Carl Hughes

    Price: $20.77

    27. And a 299-piece first-aid kit any doomsdayer would approve of.

    Promising review: "I am always looking for first-aid supplies. My boyfriend and I go camping quite often, and having a comprehensive first-aid kit is essential when hiking and even car camping! I am also one of those people who likes to plan ahead, so I have several emergency kits. This is the most comprehensive first-aid kit I have come across for the price point. I've seen similar kits cost way more, and I've even tried compiling my own kits from dollar store items, and this is the best value I have found for the money. It has all of the essentials, and no skimping on quality!" β€”Jill Lauren Quaranta

    Price: $12.06

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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