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    This Girl Dyed Her Hair To Match Her Parrot And I'm Kind Of Obsessed With It

    They do say pet owners start to look like their pets.

    Meet 21-year-old Amber Metcalfe and her adorable parrot, Mochi.

    @amberofhyrule / Via Instagram: @amberofhyrule

    Mochi is a sun conure which are known for their incredibly vibrant orange and yellow markings. He's also adorable as heck.

    After seeing Mochi in a pet shop back in 2017, Metcalfe fell in love and decided he had to be hers. "We guess he's almost 2," Metcalfe told BuzzFeed. "The place I got him from said he was getting old and no one wanted him because people want baby birds."

    @amberofhyrule / Via

    Metcalfe had been dyeing her hair bright colors for years, but after adopting Mochi, she decided to switch up her classic two-toned blue and pink look — and started mixing red, orange, and green swatches to match her bird.

    @amberofhyrule / Via

    And look how spot-on the colors are!

    @amberofhyrule / Via

    While self-dyeing multiple colors can be difficult, Metcalfe leaned on her painting background, and it's safe to say her hard work paid off.

    "I didn't know how well the colors would match, but now it's my favorite look," Metcalfe said.

    @amberofhyrule / Via

    Honestly, this look is just so much fun. The colors match perfectly and it takes the pet/owner selfie game to a whole new level.

    @amberofhyrule / Via

    TFW your bird won't let you do your makeup.

    I truly hope matching your style with your pet becomes the next big beauty trend. I mean, just think about it. You can match your hair, makeup, clothes, whatever you want! The possibilities are ENDLESS.

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