This Truly Isn't Clickbait, Ben Affleck's Giant Back Tattoo Needs To Be Seen To Be Believed

    What is going on?


    I've got something to show you.

    It's big.

    Like really big.

    Like one of those pictures of those old British men with the giant oversized vegetables you sometimes see in those weird ads on the sides of websites.

    Like this:

    You guys, it's like no other.

    Honestly, I'm not shitting you.

    British people would call it "massive" or some mushy pea shit.

    And believe me, I'm American! We love big things!


    And this is a big ol' tattoo.

    A really, REALLY big ol' tattoo.

    Without further ado.

    The one picture.

    Ben Affleck's back tattoo:

    Told ya.

    And now, you are in the know: