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    Get Ready To Replace Your Naked II Palette Because Urban Decay Just Announced A Pink One

    Urban Decay has my heart... and all my money.

    We're all familiar with Urban Decay and their cult classic Naked eyeshadow palettes, correct?

    At the beginning of February, Urban Decay announced their newest addition to the Naked family: Naked Petite Heat. And let me tell ya, the palette lives up to its name because these eyeshadow shades are 🔥🔥🔥!

    But if that drop wasn't enough, Urban Decay came to slay your life and your wallet again by dropping a brand new palette called Backtalk that'll hit Sephora shelves on March 8.

    The palette will feature eight eyeshadows and four blush and highlight shades. Oh, and there's also a detachable mirror between the two to keep them separate.

    I mean, look at these freaking swatches! It's truly the monochromatic millennial pink palette we need — nay deserve.

    Not sure you want to take the plunge and buy it yet? Just take a look at the Backtalk palette in action.

    And did I mention that this palette is cheaper than Urban Decay's other palettes? The Naked palettes are $54, but for $46, you could recreate this Backtalk lewk and still have money left over for false lashes.

    So get your booty down to Sephora on March 8 and grab one of these Backtalk palettes before it's too late!