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    25 Things You Know If You're A Really Competitive Person

    Don't you even try to beat me.

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    1. Playing video games with your friends is never just a chill night in, as you quickly turn it into a tournament.


    2. And forget playing any kind of competition-based board game, as you make it way too intense.

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    3. If you've got plans to go to pub trivia, you make all your mates study beforehand and brush up on any current affairs.


    4. And of course, your "mates" are actually a crack team you've assembled based on their individual areas of expertise.

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    5. Walking down the street can pretty quickly turn into power walking, as you have races with people who don't even realise they're involved.


    6. And if you go out running, you'll often end up going way faster than normal to overtake the other joggers around you.


    7. Your friends know that if they ever want you to do something, they just have to slightly challenge you.


    8. When you try something new, you usually get pretty frustrated if you're not good at it.


    9. But that doesn't stop you from persisting, because everything is a competition to you – even if it's just against yourself.


    10. So being competitive is actually a pretty good thing, because you're always trying to be better.


    11. Whenever you lose at anything, there's always some reason beyond your control.

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    "This PlayStation controller is faulty." "I don't think you shuffled the cards right." "I would have sunk that ball but it's too noisy."

    12. You've completely mastered the art of being humble after a win... but on the inside you're doing cartwheels.

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    13. When someone's telling a story in a group, you always want to interject with your own (better) stories.


    But you also don't want to be that asshole friend so you manage to keep your mouth shut the majority of the time.

    14. A map's estimated journey time is always a challenge for you.

    A beat google maps last night haha cunt

    15. Team sports don't really work for you, because not everyone is as serious about winning as you are.


    16. Especially because there's really nothing worse than when someone says "don't worry, it's just a game".


    17. And forget ever playing sport or games with kids.

    Though you know it's ethically the right thing to do, you could never lose on purpose.

    18. You truly believe, deep in your heart, that participation medals are a crock of shit.


    19. But actually, coming second in something is probably worse than coming last.

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    20. You're always that person who tries to sing along to every word in a song, even if you don't quite know them all.

    21. At uni, there was nothing worse than a group presentation because you wanted to be the best, but there'd always be one guy who'd fuck it up somehow.

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    22. So usually you'd end up doing all the work yourself.

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    23. You love your friends... but if they're better than you at anything, you low-key hate them a little bit.


    24. There is NOTHING worse than being wrong.


    25. And you recognise the over-the-top competitive drama queen in you, but nothing you do can really stop yourself.


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