23 Facts About The Oscars That'll Make You Say "Whaaaaat, Are You Serious?!"

    Only one woman has ever won an Oscar for Best Director.

    1. Meryl Streep has been nominated for an Oscar 21 times

    2. Octavia Spencer is the first black actress to be nominated again after winning an Oscar

    3. A science fiction film has never won an Oscar for Best Picture

    4. Grand Hotel (1932) is the only film in Academy Awards history to win Best Picture without being nominated in any other category

    5. The youngest winner in Academy Awards history was 10 years old

    6. Shrek (2001) and Leonardo DiCaprio have won the same number of Oscars

    7. Two actors have won an Oscar posthumously

    8. Alfred Hitchcock never won an Oscar for his films

    9. The Academy Awards were once robbed... literally

    10. Only one woman has ever won an Oscar for Best Director

    11. Oscar winners live longer

    12. Selling your Oscar is probably not the smartest idea

    13. Marlon Brando and Robert De Niro both won an Oscar for playing the same character

    14. Multiple people have misplaced their Oscar statuette

    15. A ticket to the first Academy Awards in 1929 cost $5

    16. Oscar Hammerstein II is the only person named "Oscar" to win an Oscar

    17. Seat-fillers make $125 an hour

    18. People cry during their acceptance speeches more than they used to

    19. Leonardo DiCaprio's wait for an Oscar has nothing on Kevin O'Connell

    20. John C. Reilly starred in three movies all nominated for Best Picture in the same year

    21. Six new rules were added so there won't be another La La Land / Moonlight mistake

    22. The total cost of the look for an A-list actress attending the 90th Academy Awards is around $10 million

    23. A man once streaked at the Academy Awards

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