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18 Tumblr Posts That Are Basically Better Than Sex Ed

"Outer space is my kink, it cosmanut."

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Lesson 1: Exciting and scary does not always = sexy.

Lesson 2: Catwoman has needs.

Lesson 3: There are VERY specific semantics regarding space sex.

Lesson 4: Stanley Tucci won't be able to match wines with your sexual appetites, sorry.

Lesson 5: You're gonna need to be specific about what you want.

(Like, really specific.)

Lesson 6: Sometimes knowing is more than half the battle.

Lesson 7: Your whole sex life can turn on a dime.

Lesson 8: Penises can blush, sort of.

Lesson 9: Kitchen sex isn't always as ~hot~ as it sounds.

Lesson 10: Sex is preferable to crying (most of the time).

Lesson 11: Maybe you don't know what you're talking about.

Lesson 12: There are a buttload of erotic phrases you should probably memorize.

Lesson 13: You should always make sure you're asking the right questions.

Lesson 14: Learn how to woo your lover.

Lesson 15: Know your history.

Lesson 16: But don't trust everything you read online.

Lesson 17: Fuck a donut...or don't.

Lesson 18: Ultimately, you should always do what works for you.

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