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    16 Embarrassing Things That Have Happened To Actual People At The Dentist

    "I was drugged and asleep and I let out the loudest possible fart. It was so loud it woke me up."

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the most awkward thing that's happened to them at the dentist. Here are the results…

    1. The miscommunication:

    New Line Cinema

    "The dentist was saying 'suction' to his assistant, and I heard 'suck'. So I sucked on the finger that was in my mouth. He handled it well. That was probably 20 years ago an I still want to die when I remember it."


    2. The wrong medication:

    Paramount Pictures

    "When I was 15 my dad took me to the dentist. The dental hygienist came out and asked me if I had any changes in my health or medications since I had last been there. I looked her straight in the eyes and said 'Yes, I now have chlamydia.'

    I saw a look of horror on her face and she said 'honey, you don’t need to disclose that.' My Dad dad was crying with laughter at this point and said 'I don’t know what she has, but it’s not that.' We figured out a few minutes later I had confused the acne medication clindamycin with chlamydia."


    3. The suction tool:

    TV Tokyo

    "The dentist put the suction in my mouth but it malfunctioned and sprayed us all with spit and toothpaste. This happened three times during the appointment."


    4. The guest list:

    "When my dentist brought an extra person, who was training, into the room, and my awkward butt blurted out 'looks like there’s gonna be a party in my mouth!'"


    5. The pizza injury:

    Warner Bros. Pictures

    "While my dentist was cleaning my teeth he asked me if I had pizza recently. I freaked out because I thought I had pizza stuck in my teeth from three days prior. I told him not since the weekend to which he replied 'You have one of the worst pizza burns on the roof of your mouth I've never seen.'

    He then called in four dental hygienists and the receptionist to check out my impressive burnt pizza mouth."


    6. The wake-up call:

    Universal Pictures

    "I was drugged and asleep and I let out the loudest possible fart. It was so loud it woke me up."


    7. The gaming dentist:

    Walt Disney

    "My dentist has a TV in the exam room and watches ESPN all day. At my first appointment with him, a commercial came on for Halo, and he said 'I love that game, I used to skip class all the time in college and play instead.' I think told him he should probably not tell his patients that. Good thing he's a good dentist."


    8. The fire drill:

    Viacom Media

    "I was having a root canal done at a campus dental clinic. Midway through the procedure they had a fire drill, so the dentist had to stop to evacuate the building. I spent the next 20 minutes standing outside, mouth numb and full of packing, and looking like a drooling mess."


    9. The biter:

    Gaumont Animation / Disney

    "The dentist told me to bite down and I listened. I bit down. Hard. On his finger.

    It's not my fault he didn’t move that digit out of the way. He let out a bad word and then laughed. He still reminds me of this 16 years later."


    10. The snorer:


    "I was literally so stressed about having a root canal that I had absolutely zero sleep the night before the procedure. This actually led to me falling asleep while in the dentist's chair, snoring extremely loudly. Right in his face.

    I eventually woke myself up very suddenly with my own snoring and jolted my whole body. This actually led to my breasts then hitting the dentist's assistant in his dick as he was leaning over my snoring body."


    11. The mouthwash miss:

    Comedy Central

    "Years ago the dentist got me to swish some mouthwash around in my mouth, and when I went to spit it out into the bowl that the assistant was holding, I somehow managed to spit it all over her hands and not remotely into the bowl."


    12. The drooling dentist:

    Warner Bros. Television

    "My dentist leaned forward and a load of saliva came out of his mouth and landed on my jacket. He didn’t apologise and I was trying so hard not to laugh or vomit."


    13. The laughing gas:

    Casablanca Filmworks

    "I yelled at a dental assistant for stealing my lip. At the time, I had just had four teeth pulled and was very happy on some laughing gas."


    14. The hot dentist:


    "My dentist is super hot. The last time I went we were making small talk about some mutual friends whilst the nurse stands around bored. I sit back in the chair and he starts his exam.

    On the radio in the background they're talking about occasions when you suddenly get the urge to kiss someone if they are close to you… 'like at the dentist' says the DJ.

    Cue us both looking awkwardly at each other whilst my mouth is wide open. Then the nurse says 'Well if I didn't feel like a third wheel before, I do now. This is awkward!'"


    15. The sneeze:

    Okkult Motion Pictures /

    "I was getting a normal cleaning done when I was too afraid to tell them that I had a cold and had to sneeze. Long story short, my dentist regretted not wearing the face guard that day."


    16. The accidental fart:

    The CW

    "My brother and I went to the orthodontist during our braces days and my brother was sitting in the chair and he accidentally farted. He was embarrassed and I guess the orthodontist wanted to make him feel less embarrassed so the he proceeded to fart as well. It was so awkward."


    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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