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    18 Cats Who Think Your Rules Are Dumb And So Are You

    FYI: You don't own cats. They own you.

    1. It's not your home; it's their home. They're just letting you squat there.

    u/WolfAkela / Via

    2. And they'll remind you of this fact any chance they get.

    u/TatumStrangely01 / Via

    3. They're always watching...

    u/WavyGlass / Via

    4. ...and even when you think they're not around, they are.

    u/TheNMP / Via

    5. "If I fits, I sits" is the law of the land, so don't act surprised when you see it being enforced.

    u/TheNutsCracker / Via

    6. Sometimes they like to be held, but — and this next part is very important — usually they don't.

    u/lalalanny / Via

    7. Games that don't involve your cat? Forget about it.

    u/OutOfAbyss / Via

    8. They can't be contained...

    u/FabioInMyBed / Via

    9. ...and they can't be controlled.

    u/Enter_Text_Here / Via

    10. Any attempts to contain or control a cat will be met with failure.

    Jenny Stevens / Via Twitter: @jenny_stevens

    11. If you're not careful, they will find your greatest weakness and exploit it.

    Gavin Free / Via Twitter: @GavinFree

    12. Oh, you want a plant? Do yourself a favor right now and forget all about plants. Just forget they exist. It's easier that way.

    u/XratedTherapistRehab / Via

    13. What's yours is theirs, so I hope you like sharing.

    u/UrbanFarmHouse / Via

    14. FYI: They hate sharing.

    u/Olofstrom / Via

    15. Cat toys? Keep 'em.

    u/nevergreene / Via

    16. Fancy cat beds? Keep 'em!

    leetabix / Via Twitter: @leetabix

    17. If you ever forget any of these things, your cat might feel compelled to remind you.

    u/Boxedwinetime / Via

    18. And remember, it's always been this way.

    Smithsonian MagazineVerified account / Via Twitter: @SmithsonianMag

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