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People Are Sharing Their Most Embarrassing Celeb Encounters And They're Relatable AF

"I met Prince William ... and said 'Your grandma is on my money!'"

Getting the chance to meet your favorite celeb is really fun...until you realize you have no clue how to act or what to say or, like, what your name is anymore!!!

Author Sarah Kay has been there before, and posed this question to her Twitter followers:

What’s the worst you’ve ever embarrassed yourself in front of someone you super admired? One time Tommy Kail introduced me to Sara Bareilles & I was so overwhelmed, I looked her directly in the face & just said, “oh wow.”😳🤦🏻‍♀️ (Don’t you dare tag her in this.)

Naturally, the responses are pretty life-changing. Here are some of the best stories:

1. The Drake Bell photo mix-up:

@kaysarahsera I️ met Drake Bell from Drake & Josh when I️ was a kid and got so nervous and freaked out that I️ accidentally had him sign a picture of Miley Cyrus instead of him.

2. The hairy situation with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson:

@kaysarahsera i met the rock once and managed to forget a whole monologue i had planned and ended up saying "yo rock, you bald!" so. yeah.

3. The yodel heard 'round the world:

I made an absolute heel of myself when I saw Natalie Dormer at the Catching Fire premiere. I straight up yodeled her name until she came over and then I told her she's the prettiest person I've ever seen and took a failed selfie. She didn't stop for any more fans after that haha

4. The embarrassing question:

I went to see @StephenAtHome live and I was picked to ask him something before the show and I totally forgot my well-thought-out question and just stuttered out, "what's your favorite website?" and remained mortified for the rest of the show

5. The Mr. Darcy moment:

@kaysarahsera I ran into Colin Firth while he was filming a movie in Hyde Park. My eyes went wide, I held out my hand at an awkward angle, and said “Ohhhhhhhh Mr DarcyFirth...” He then took a picture with me where I look the absolute pinnacle of bashful.

6. Everything about this Nick Cannon situation:

@kaysarahsera Also that one time (2004-ish) I was in my Bratz jammies and went to grab a water bottle from the garage fridge only to come face to face with Nick Cannon smoking a joint with my sister. I had a weird childhood...

7. This near-death experience:

@kaysarahsera I was turning onto a street in downtown Toronto when Rainn Wilson walked in front of my car. I was so surprised my foot accidentally hit the gas instead of the brake and I almost mowed the poor guy down.

8. This name game:

when I met the guys from walk the moon, i accidentally called Nick & Kevin by the wrong names. they corrected me, and i said "oh, i know that. you have no idea how much i know that."

9. The first lady faux pas:

@kaysarahsera In 2010 I was honored to meet the First Lady and upon shaking her hand I said “Wow, can I take your picture?” This is the result! AGHHHHHHHHH

10. The pen problems:

@kaysarahsera I met Sophie Turner (Sansa from Game of Thrones) and asked her to sign my poster, she tried but my pen didn’t work so I said “I’ll make it work” and proceeded to scribble on it until it ripped. One of her people felt sorry for me and lent me a pen 🤷🏼‍♀️

11. The Jonah Hill/Seth Rogen confusion:

@kaysarahsera literally just last weekend I met Jonah hill and I was so nervous I called him Seth Rogen... then I asked him for a pic and he was like “you don’t have to get a picture with me if I’m not who you think I am I don’t want you to be disappointed” 😂

12. The royal embarrassment:

@kaysarahsera I met Prince William at a nightclub several years ago. After a few vodkas I built up the (false) confidence to say hi. But, instead of saying ‘hi’ I panicked and said ‘your grandma is on my money’.

13. The made-up family fail:

@kaysarahsera Well he didn’t know it but i somehow managed to creat a family out of thin air. I was talking to @prattprattpratt and he was talking about his son so i started to talk to him about my 3 daughters. I have 0 kids, never been married, heck i don’t even have nieces lol

14. The Cabaret cringe:

@kaysarahsera I worked as a background actor on a-film that Alan Cummings was working on. Thrilled and nervous that he and I were walking side by side I turned to him and asked “Was starring in Cabaret one of the highlights of your life?”He politely replied “No”. End of conversation.

15. The surprise delivery:

@kaysarahsera I got a food delivery for “Nathan Fillion” and the whole way to the drop I was like It can’t be @NathanFillion once I got there I realized it was him my and the first thing out of my mouth was “Captain!”

16. The Ron Weasley moment:

@kaysarahsera At a club my friend introduced me to Rupert Grint. I had no idea who he was. I shook his hand & said “Nice to meet you. I’m going out for a smoke.” My friend came out & gave me shit. “Don’t you know who that is?” Next time I saw Rupert I told him the story. We laughed & took this

17. The sunglasses master:

@kaysarahsera When I met Wesley Snipes he happily agreed to a selfie. But then I asked him if he could take off his sunglasses and there was what felt like the longest most uncomfortable pause ever! He then said "Let's do this." I've had anxiety attacks ever since. But worth this great photo!

18. The word vomit Momoa moment:

@kaysarahsera I once got to take a picture with Jason Momoa and right after the camera went *click* I looked up at him and word-vomited “I love you!” And then ran away in embarrassment. Here is the photo

19. The straight-up truth:

@kaysarahsera I met Demi Lovato and could only think to tell her "You're so pretty." I still get teased about it to this day. 😳

20. The very interesting question:

@kaysarahsera I asked Channing Tatum if anybody had ever told him he looks like Channing Tatum 🙃

21. And finally, this incredibly pure Kelly Clarkson moment:

@kaysarahsera Here I am meeting @kelly_clarkson