36 Of The Coolest Ideas For Between-The-Boobs Tattoos We've Ever Seen

    Between or around the breast is best.

    1. This vertical ellipsis:

    2. This minimalist Unalome:

    3. This simple rose:

    4. This shaded branch:

    5. This masterpiece with delicate lines:

    6. This straight and simple arrow:

    7. This empowering choice:

    8. These geometric shapes:

    9. This triangle of roses:

    10. This single triangle:

    11. These minimalist triangles:

    12. This little kitten:

    13. This third eye:

    14. This spider with an extra touch:

    15. This Old Masters reference:

    16. This geometric rose:

    17. These thin lines:

    18. This snake:

    19. This upside-down branch:

    20. This bouquet:

    21. This extra-long branch:

    22. This Scorpio's dream:

    23. This dragonfly with little sprigs:

    24. This scrawled pendant:

    25. This mandala:

    26. More triangles:

    27. And a few more:

    28. This one that looks like jewelry:

    29. This triangle rose:

    30. This seashell:

    31. This intricate design:

    32. This deconstructed pyramid:

    33. This little treat:

    34. This womanly tattoo:

    35. This triangle of lotus flowers:

    36. And finally, "The Great Wave off Kanagawa" itself:

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    This post was translated from Portuguese.