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    31 Things Australians Will Only Recognise If They Attended Primary School Between 2001-2007

    Seriously though, I miss lunch orders.

    1. You would always play intense games of handball before, during, or after school.

    Flickr: Michael Coghlan/ Creative Commons / Via Flickr: mikecogh

    Or sometimes a bit of Golden Child or Bull Rush if you felt like something different.

    2. Forgetting your hat and having to sit in the shade during lunch time was the absolute WORST.

    @Eltopley / Via Twitter: @Eltopley

    No hat, no play. I geeeeddddit.

    3. As was having your friends refuse to trade snacks with you at recess.

    4. Everyone loved accessorising their backpack or pencil case with a handmade Scoobie.

    Flickr: Fudgeit/ Creative Commons / Via Flickr: fudgeit

    You could basically braid these babies with your eyes closed.

    5. But it was owning something like a bendy ruler or a Smiggle pencil case that made you the coolest kid in class.

    Helix / Via, Smiggle / Via

    Ditto with those scented highlighters and pens which everyone would always ask to borrow.

    6. Lunch times were made more exciting when you had filled out one of these brown paper bags.

    Michelle Rennex/ BuzzFeed

    Meat pies, Pizza Roundas, and chocolate milk were the stuff of dreams.

    7. And of course you would spend all your pocket money on your favourite canteen snacks.

    Jenna Guillaume/ BuzzFeed Australia

    10 cents could buy you so much back then.

    8. Getting your pen license was one of the proudest moments of your life.

    9. As was reaching Year Six and being assigned your very own Kindergarten buddy.

    The Weinstein Company

    You basically turned them into a mini-you and showed them the ~coolest~ places to hangout in school.

    10. Learning about healthy choices was made fun by this annual visitor.

    11. Although that never really stopped you from buying more than a couple treats at the cake stall.

    @smiffandizzy / Via, @kateskitchenofkyneton / Via, @rachaelliott / Via, @_lisagorman / Via

    I know you taught me better, Healthy Harold, but those chocolate spiders were just too good to resist.

    12. It was your goal at one point to read the entire collection of Aussie Bites and Aussie Nibbles.

    They always made you strangely hungry when reading them.

    13. But then you became totally obsessed with all of Paul Jennings' books.


    Lucky Lips from Unreal made you very, very scared to kiss someone in case the same thing happened.

    14. All your assignments were ~jazzed~ up using various forms of Wordart.

    The rainbow font was always a safe bet to end up with a scented sticker on your work.

    15. Heading to the local YMCA or PCYC to practice your Gymnastics skills was the highlight of the week.

    16. Every assembly involved singing the school song and the entire national anthem.

    Bodrumsurf / Getty Images

    Entire meaning that second verse which no one really cares about now.

    17. Plus if you had been a good student, you were lucky enough to receive a merit award.

    Isha Bassi/ BuzzFeed

    You always felt like a badass when your name got called out, but then had to do the very fiddly-task of stepping over everyone to get to the front.

    18. Chanting random songs while wearing your house colours was a staple during every athletics and swimming carnival.

    19. One of the toughest decisions you had to make was what to wear to the school disco.

    @kittyruin / Via, Supre / Via

    Butterfly clips and that new Supré shirt you bought? Perfect.

    20. As was figuring out the maximum number of items you were allowed to order from Book Club.

    21. In boring classes, you would decide your future with this very important and accurate game.

    22. Alternatively using an eraser worked just as well.

    @MeikaOrmerod / Via Twitter: @MeikaOrmerod

    But then sometimes you would cheat and just toss it again to get a different answer.

    23. It was the absolute best when your teacher let the class play Heads Down Thumbs Up.

    You're definitely lying if you didn't try sneak a peek to see who was the one pushing everyone's thumbs.

    24. Even better was being allowed to watch movies like Holes or Chicken Run on the last day on term.

    Walt DIsney Pictures, DreamWorks Pictures


    25. There was always someone selling Cadbury chocolates to raise money for a fundraiser.

    26. In fact, you probably bugged your neighbours to sponsor you for the MS Readathon.

    @MSReadathonAust / Via Twitter: @MSReadathonAust

    You read, raise money, and win prizes. It was a win-win for everyone.

    27. Technology lessons were spent secretly messing about on Kid Pix.

    The Learning Company / Via

    That intro was unbelievably catchy.

    28. And you would spend all your free time reading The School Magazine.

    Isha Bassi/ BuzzFeed/ NSW Department of Education and Training

    Those Ernest the Carrot comics always kept you on the edge on your seat.

    29. A solid portion of the summer holidays were spent decorating your new school books with magazine cutouts or contact paper.

    Gyan Yankovich/ BuzzFeed

    The real winner was if you managed to contact all your books without any air bubbles in them.

    30. You always had a gold coin ready to go on Mufti days.

    Isha Bassi/ BuzzFeed

    31. And everyone either believed or spread the rumour about getting to go home if it hit 40 degrees.

    Paramount Pictures

    Sadly, that never happened.

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