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    Khloé Kardashian Revealed The Real Reason She Waited To Announce Her Pregnancy And It’s Brutal

    She revealed on KUWTK that her failure to produce enough progesterone left her with an increased risk of miscarriage.

    Back in September last year, news broke that Khloé Kardashian was expecting her first baby with boyfriend Tristan Thompson.

    However, Khloé made us wait three months before confirming the news herself, leading to endless speculation as to whether the reports were true.

    At the time, Khloé revealed that she'd held off announcing the news because she'd wanted to enjoy her pregnancy privately for as long as possible.

    But thanks to a new episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, we now know that her silence was for two very different reasons.

    Firstly, Khloé was two weeks away from the so-called "safe" 12 week stage in her pregnancy when the news was leaked, and secondly she also had an increased risk of miscarriage. Here are all the details.

    The episode opened with Kim telling Khloé that TMZ had received a tip about Khloé's pregnancy. She was then warned by their PR manager that the website would probably begin probing further to verify the claims.


    And Khloé was visibly upset, saying that she didn't want the news to be public until her doctor gave her the all clear.


    Speaking in her testimonial, Khloé said: "So far TMZ has not published the article but I'm just mad because there's so many risks involved when you're newly pregnant. If the doctor is telling me not to announce anything until a specific time then I respect that. I hate that everyone is prying and so nosy. It's super frustrating."

    But then she went on to reveal that her pregnancy actually carried a high risk of miscarriage because she wasn't producing enough progesterone.


    Progesterone is crucial during pregnancy because it helps stabilise the inner lining of the uterus. If levels are too low, the uterus may fail to sustain an embryo and a miscarriage could occur.

    Khloé went on to explain that she was having to endure three weeks of progesterone supplements inserted vaginally at 3 a.m and 3 p.m each day. Long story short, she was exhausted and uncomfortable.


    However, when asked by Kourtney why she was putting her body through this, Khloé's response was clear: Without the supplements, she would almost certainly miscarry.


    She explained: "Otherwise the baby is not going to be here. The body naturally produces progesterone. My body doesn't. The progesterone keeps the sac in place and if not, that's how you miscarry. And she [Khloé's doctor] said: "For sure you would have miscarried."

    Then, at a doctor's appointment around 10 weeks into her pregnancy, Khloé was told her levels were now normal and the treatment had "saved" her pregnancy.


    Understandably though, Khloé still wanted to wait until she'd passed the 12 week mark before making the news public.


    In her testimonial, Khloé said: "This is why you don't announce early. There's a lot of complications, a lot of things could happen, and I could have had the potential to miscarry. As soon as I get to my second trimester I will have such relief, and that's all I'm waiting for."

    However, she didn't really have a choice because shortly after Khloé left the appointment she was told that TMZ were threatening to publish the article announcing her pregnancy unless she denied it within "five minutes."


    Khloé called Kim for advice and suggested to her that she confirm the pregnancy off the record, but plead with the publication to wait a further two weeks before publishing.

    But Kim said Khloé could neither lie about her pregnancy or attempt to bargain with TMZ if they were going to publish the story regardless. She went on to say in her testimonial that the whole situation was "unfortunate" for her sister.


    Kim said: "I think it's just really unfortunate for Khloé because she's not past her first trimester. And she just isn't ready to talk about it yet, but at this point there's nothing we can do – it's going to get published. It's just really unfortunate that people are so nosy."

    And she added that the Kardashian family are essentially denied the right to any privacy.


    Kim said: "It's such a tricky thing because people expect us to share every last detail of our lives. It's almost like we're not entitled to privacy."

    Then in a further conversation with Kim, Khloé said she now understands why people hold off announcing their pregnancies because of the risks involved in the early stages.


    She said: "I was always like, 'God, why do people withhold their pregnancies, why not say something?' But in my situation and I'm sure so many others – I don't know if it's high risk – but there's a chance that, God forbid, I might not make it past a certain point."

    Khloé went on to reveal how upset she was denied the decision about who she told and when.


    She explained: "It's like, 'Oh my God, show some respect!' When I'm at a healthy point and when I'm ready to say something then I will. Tristan only told a very limited amount of people. You don't want everyone to find out via the internet, but that's taken away from you."

    And then sure enough, the news was released everywhere despite her only being 10 weeks along.


    In one final testimonial, Khloé said she was desperately trying to keep her pregnancy both "safe" and a "secret" until she was confident all was well.


    She said: "I've tried really hard to keep my pregnancy safe, and a secret. And somehow, some way, TMZ published the article. There's nothing I can do about the article – it's out. But I'm not going to confirm it yet, because I'm waiting to be in a safe spot and that's my choice to do that. It's my decision. At least, I would think it would be."

    Well, we know now that things are OK – and we're glad that all is well, Koko. 💕


    This episode airs in the UK Sunday 4th March.

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