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    21 Photos Of The Kardashians Before Fame That Are Actually Gold

    Let's dive into their family photo album.

    1. OK, let's go right back to the beginning. Here's Kris Jenner on her wedding day to the late Robert Kardashian.

    2. Not long after that, Kourtney and Kim arrived, and just look how goddamn adorable they were.

    3. They were always matching – bunches, ribbons, dresses, and all.

    4. See what I mean?

    5. There's this photo of Kris and a little Kim that's just too cute.

    6. As well as this early school photo where she looks like butter wouldn't melt.

    7. It wasn't long until little Khloé came along, and Kim wasted no time in snapping a selfie.

    8. And how cute is the whole Kardashian clan? 💗

    9. Before we knew it, Kim and Kourtney were fully-fledged teenagers, posing up a storm in photo booths.

    10. And discovering gothic red lipsticks.

    11. And then they started hitting the club together.

    12. It wasn't long before Kim, tiara and all, was scoring her very own ~club appearances~.

    13. And ~getting down~ with Kourtney and Paris Hilton.

    14. And then Kendall and Kylie came along. Shout-out also to Kim's eyebrows.

    15. And they were pretty damn cute too.

    16. Even if, as Kylie points out, they were forced to pose for this photo.

    17. It's clear Kris enjoyed dressing all her kids up. Whether it was in leopard print.

    18. Or dresses covered with ruffles and frills.

    19. Or matching with her.

    20. And I'm sorry but just look at these matching tracksuits.

    21. But, finally, I want you to enjoy this vintage throwback of all the Kardashian/Jenner siblings.