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These 17 "How I Got Dumped" Tweets Will Make You Happy To Be Single

For once, it's not so bad to be single.

Jimmy Fallon recently decided to play a little game on Twitter, where he asked people to tweet the stories of how they got dumped.

It's Hashtags time! Tweet out a funny or embarrassing way that you or a friend got dumped and tag it with… https://t.co/0jdGUZc7uL

1. Not one to chicken out, Jimmy went first to give an example. It was a pretty solid, if not savage, story.

In high school I asked the girl I thought I was dating, "What do you want to do for Valentine's Day?" and she said,… https://t.co/j9mQ10RQCD

2. But the tweets that followed certainly didn't disappoint.

@jimmyfallon On Valentine’s Day I was a hostess @Chilis, my boyfriend comes in with flower cards and candy then loo… https://t.co/BQN4v4u5kX

3. Like this one, where the person basically asked for instructions on how to do the dumping.

She asked me how to block someone on whatsapp.. I was not able to send her any more messages after the last set of… https://t.co/h4NOUKDeAV

4. And this person, whose dream twin didn't do enough.

@jimmyfallon @FallonTonight My girlfriend had a dream she was getting mugged and I wasn't helping her so once she w… https://t.co/uiR71wYAPt

5. Some people weren't very creative and had to resort to other breakups for inspiration.

#HowIGotDumped by my first high school boyfriend was pretty typical, the usual “it’s not me it’s you” stuff. Except… https://t.co/rEcFL7pnt6

6. While others decided to keep it nice and simple.

@jimmyfallon She told me to take out the trash and locked the door while I was outside. #HowIGotDumped

7. There were public breakups in the supermarket.

#HowIGotDumped At Whole Foods, the guy I was seeing looks at the cart and then me and says "oh no, this is the 10 i… https://t.co/pIGQgKdT5r

8. And also in the cinema, where the partner became the third wheel.

@jimmyfallon I was invited to the movies by a guy that I liked. We got there and he said that one of his friends wa… https://t.co/LTE9a1f4TG

9. Even the parents got involved.

When I was in high school, my mom saw my girlfriend kissing another guy. When she got home my mom said I had a phon… https://t.co/OicVCYqqz2

10. There were coming out stories.

@jimmyfallon He changed his Facebook relationship status from “in a relationship” with me to “in a relationship” wi… https://t.co/qsVr02ZDm9

11. There were games.

@jimmyfallon #HowIGotDumped She used it as the puzzle in a game of Hangman. Worst. Game. Ever!

12. Some breakups even had a soundtrack.

@jimmyfallon #HowIGotDumped my friend broke up with their s/o by sending them aly & AJ’s potential breakup song wit… https://t.co/hgyU2wzuwC

13. There were movie spoilers.

My boyfriend took me to the movies & once we sat down he left to get us popcorn and never came back. 25 mins later… https://t.co/ZOuwZCSFhM

14. And some romantic history.

#HowIGotDumped He said his mother didn't want him seeing me anymore because she didn't like my dad. When I asked m… https://t.co/LY9m9ecUVc

15. Some breakups were just savage.

I told my girlfriend my flight was delayed to come home for her birthday and she told me that once I got back it'd… https://t.co/FS1ADhfXr1

16. Like, seriously savage.

@jimmyfallon We went to a Mets game and the kiss cam went on us. I leaned in and instead of giving me a kiss, he le… https://t.co/XwkTeuXSSN

17. But some people might still be together!

@jimmyfallon #HowIGotDumped I tried to break up with a guy 4 years ago. When I started to dump him, he said "We'll… https://t.co/FBm7NBW6ot

I think we can all agree, breakups really are the worst.