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    Kim Kardashian Clapped Back About Wearing A Wig And People Had A Lot Of Thoughts

    "Fuck outta here with that wig shit."

    So by now you probably know that Kim Kardashian has pink hair. It's pretty hard to miss, considering she's one of the most photographed people on Earth.

    Taking to Twitter recently, she also revealed that anime was the inspiration behind the new look.

    But for the longest time, people have been obsessed with the fact that whenever she "dyes" her hair, she's actually just wearing a wig.

    And so after seeing some more comments about the whole wig thing, Kim took to Snapchat to really let the haters have it.

    "If I see one more person say I'm wearing a wig and think that I'm lying... I just don't get it, like why would I lie about wearing a wig?"

    "This is my hair, there is no wig. I dyed my hair guys. How is it such a crazy thought?"

    And then came the mic drop moment.

    Because Twitter is Twitter, everybody had some thoughts. Some people thought it was hilarious.

    So @KimKardashian saying "fuck outta here with that wig shit" is the funniest thing I've seen all day.

    While others found loopholes.

    @FreshWithDepth That was allllllll leave out. Sis think she smart cause she got a sew-in and not a wig. kim so annoying.

    And the rest just remained sceptical.

    Sis, this isn’t a wig? @KimKardashian

    So somewhere in Japan, I'd like to think this is Kim right now.