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    We Tried The New Star Wars Augmented Reality Game And Were Super Impressed

    Become your own Jedi Master.

    Did you know Disney has a new video game called Star Wars: Jedi Challenges?

    Watch these friends experience Star Wars in augmented reality!

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    Disney invited Kelsey, Jared, and Brenden over to their Grand Central Creative Campus in Glendale, California, to try it out. Yes, please!

    A lightsaber, a headset, and a tracking beacon work together to make it seem like you're inside Star Wars.

    They kicked things off with a duel using their lightsaber, and it looked so insanely cool!

    No, seriously. They had a lot of fun using the lightsaber.

    The video game includes super-real Jedi noises. All three agreed the fighting sequences were fantastic.

    This is the screen they saw when they defeated their opponent. How cool is that?

    Once they became Jedi, they also became generals (just like in the movies) and were able to move characters around.

    Kelsey, Jared, and Brenden also got to play a little holochess, Chewbacca's favorite game.

    Oh, and there's also a porg island. Whaaaaat?

    At the end, they even got to fight Elite Praetorian Guards two-on-one, making them feel like legit Jedi.

    So what's so cool about it? Having life-size Star Wars in your space, that's what.