Kel Mitchell Revealed A “Good Burger” Sequel Might Be On Its Way And I’m Screaming

    Only read this if you love orange soda.

    Everyone's favorite orange soda-drinker — Kel Mitchell — stopped by BuzzFeed to spill some #TBTea on his former Nickelodeon days while answering your fan questions...

    ...and BOY, did he SPILL IT, including some dirt on a potential Good Burger sequel:

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    1. Which cast member on All That made you laugh the hardest?

    2. Who was your favorite All That character that you played?

    3. What was your favorite memory on set with Amanda Bynes?

    4. Were your characters in Kenan & Kel based on your actual friendship with Keenan IRL?

    5. Which of Kel’s catchphrases do people ask you to repeat the most?

    6. Did you actually have to drink all that orange soda?

    7. Are there any plans for a Good Burger sequel?

    8. If you were to give your younger Nickelodeon-self any advice, what would it be?

    Make sure to catch Kel starring on Game Shakers, airing Sundays on Nickelodeon!