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Kel Mitchell Responded After He Was Criticized For His Appearance In "Good Burger 2" Set Pics

Some fans were excited about his return, others were critical of how he looked.

Kel Mitchell addressed criticism of his appearance in Good Burger 2.

A closeup of Kel Mitchell

The actor — who's reprising his role alongside Kenan Thompson for the upcoming sequel — took to Instagram with a post addressing negative comments that were made about him after photos from the set appeared online.

Kenan and Kel on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

In a photo from the set, Kel once again donned the iconic Good Burger uniform with a braided wig.

While many were excited to see him back as Ed, others were critical of Kel's appearance. They even made jokes — such as how he resembled Jada Pinkett Smith's Set It Off character, Stony.

Kel first responded to the comments with humor, saying in Ed's voice: "They said I look like Jada Pinkett [Smith], so we're about to set it off."

Kel also posted this video showing what he looked like without all the makeup:

"Yeah," he said confidently at the end.

Period, Kel! Anyway, looking forward to seeing the film when it's out later this year.