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What Questions Do You Have About Coming Out Of The Closet?

Because we're here, we're queer, and we also want to answer your questions.

Ryann.Graham • 11 months ago

Gay Guys Pose With The Animals They're Most Afraid Of

Snakes, birds, lizards, rats, OH MY!

Sam Stryker • 11 months ago
Christian Zamora • One year ago
Christian Zamora • One year ago
Christian Zamora • One year ago
Christian Zamora • One year ago

We Had Oscar Isaac And John Boyega Read Thirst Tweets About Themselves And They Were Shocked AF

We know they can take on the First Order, but can they take on the Thirst Order?

Christian Zamora • One year ago

Which "Star Wars" Character From The New Trilogy Are You?

Take our quiz with the cast of Star Wars: The Last Jedi!

Christian Zamora • One year ago

We Went To A Real Life McDowell's From "Coming To America" And It Was Sexual Chocolate

"They got the golden 'arches', Mine is the golden arcs."

Morgan Shanahan • One year ago

Here's What Starbucks' New Zombie Frappuccino Actually Tastes Like

Was it spooktacular? Or just plain spoopy?

Sam Stryker • One year ago

The Ultimate "Game Of Thrones" Fuck Marry Kill

All men must die, but that doesn't mean you can't get laid.

Ryann.Graham • One year ago

You Have To Try This Instagram Famous Gothic Ice Cream

It's like a Disney villain, with a heart of gold!

Ryann.Graham • 2 years ago