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    25 Things From Amazon That’ll Help Pet Owners Actually Maintain A Clean Home

    Cleanliness is next to dogliness.

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    1. A slicker brush so you can catch all that pesky shed hair before it even has a chance to reach your carpet, clothes, and upholstery.

    Several clumps of white fur and the purple brush

    2. A food storage container that'll keep ants, mice, and other pests from raiding Fido's food, so you can have a little more peace of mind and hopefully deal a little less with the exterminator.

    The white storage container next to a small dog

    3. A Feliway diffuser for a vet-approved solution to help with cats who spray or have destructive tendencies. It emits a calming pheromone that'll help curb those behaviors, so you have a calmer cat and less messes to clean up. A win-win!

    An orange cat sniffing the diffuser

    4. A fur remover broom so you can remove all those stubborn hairs that have gotten embedded into your carpet with shockingly little effort.

    A dog next to a pile of hair

    5. A self cleaning litter box that'll make all that annoying litter box maintenance a thing of the past. Plus, the included crystal litter reduces odor and won't stick to your cat's paws — it's a win-win!

    Two cats inspecting the purple litter box

    6. An ultraviolet flashlight so you can finally find the source of that lingering smell and treat it. Plus, it'll make you feel a little like you're on an episode of CSI.

    The light showing a large stain

    7. A baby gate to keep any inquisitive floofs out of areas where they might end up making a mess. It'll work equally well if you want to prevent your kitten from tearing up your craft room, or if you need to contain a pup for paw cleaning when you get back from a walk.

    A puppy behind the baby gate

    8. A ChomChom roller because it'll make the process of getting fur off your furniture quick, easy, and downright satisfying.

    A clean couch cushion, the open roller, and a hand with a ball of fur

    9. A paw cleaner, so long, muddy walks won't spell disaster for your carpets. Just wipe off your pup's paws and you're good to go!

    A dog's paw above the green cleaner

    10. A pack of puppy pads that'll be a savior to your floors (and your mop!). These pads absorb liquid and turn it into a gel, which makes cleanup so much easier than the traditional blue pads.

    A small dog in a pen with the pad

    11. A stain and odor eliminator for those pesky little accidents that crop up now and again. This magic potion will make it seem like they never even happened.

    A cat and a bottle of the odor eliminator

    12. A nail grinder so your pet's nails won't accidentally scrape your floors or furniture anymore —TBH the grinding is kind of fun, so you won't avoid it until it's a problem, like can sometimes happen with traditional clippers.

    A before and after of a dog's nails

    13. A pack of litter box liners because they make cleanup an absolute snap. Just dump the used litter and be done with it!

    A litter box with the liner

    14. A dog doorbell to prevent cleaning up after puppy accidents — it'll take some training, but eventually your dog will be able to let you know when it's time to go outside!

    A dog sitting next to a door with the bells

    15. A cat litter mat that'll trap all the little particles stuck to Kitty's feet so they don't end up tracked halfway around your house.

    A cat laying on the pad

    16. A pack of grooming wipes, so when Fido comes home all smelly from the park you don't have to do a full bath routine to keep your couch from picking up his dust and dirt.

    A tiny puppy next to the pack of wipes

    17. A bowl mat because it'll make cleaning up spills a breeze, and the silicone material should help prevent enthusiastic pets from knocking their bowls over entirely.

    The mat with a bowl of food and water dispenser

    18. A pet camera with two way audio so if you happen to see your kitten scratching where she shouldn't you can warn her away and prevent some damage.

    The camera next to a set of vases

    19. A pack of paper bedding for small animals that's so much less fuss than traditional shavings. Way less dust, and much easier to change out when it's time.

    A hamster with his toys on the colorful bedding

    20. A chewing deterrent spray — it's maybe the only thing that can convince a lab puppy that shoes (and stairs, and plants and chairs and anything that stays still) aren't the best chew toy in the universe.

    The yellow and green bottle packaging

    21. A spot deep cleaner because sometimes accidents happen, and having this baby on hand will make it so much easier to clean up after they do. Stains don't stand a chance.

    22. A bottle of odor control spray that reviewers swear will make even the stinkiest pup magically odor-free in minutes.

    A fluffy puppy with the spray bottle

    23. A pet hair eraser hand vacuum for one swoop cleaning that'll make it seem like a cat never even sat on your couches. But you still get all the movie night snuggles!

    A bunny next to the full vacuum

    24. A cage cleaner spray that'll make cleaning up after your hamster, bird, or rat a total breeze, plus you'll have way more fun, smell-free playtime in the future.

    A very clean rabbit enclosure

    25. And a birdcage liner, perfect for quick cleanups and removing bigger messes without the fuss of scrubbing an entire cage every single time.

    The orange product packaging

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