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    I Know This Is A Bold Statement, But These 53 Things For Your Home Are Actual ~Lifesavers~

    If the water in your shower is draining at a snail's pace, now might be a good time to see why the internet-famous TubShroom has over 77,000 five-star ratings...

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A jar of Museum Gel to keep your fragile possessions from toppling over like Dominoes when there's unexpected movement. If you have little kids or pets and like nice things, this is a must!

    gif of someone taking a piece of museum gel, rolling it into a ball, and sticking it on the bottom of a wine glass
    reviewer photo of a blue and pink glass sculpture on display on a floating shelf

    Each jar is good for up to 300 uses. To use, just grab a bit of gel, roll it into a ball, and stick it to the bottom of any item you'd like to protect. It's removable, reusable, and won't ruin your furniture. Plus, some reviewers say it's great for keeping things like cabinet and drawer liners from sliding around.

    Promising review: "This is AMAZING! I recently got a kitten and of course he loves to tap on things with his paws until he knocks it down. My friend uses this product and told me I had to get it. So worth it!! Once you apply the jelly and let it sit for a little while those objects will not move! And the best part is that it does not damage the surface that it was placed on. 10/10 would recommend!!!" —Darryl Hoard

    Get it from Amazon for $14.49.

    2. A tub of *iconic* cleaning paste The Pink Stuff, because once you realize how much stain-lifting power this unassuming stuff has, you'll wonder how you ever got anything clean without it. Not only does it get super caked-on stains out, it does so quickly and with minimal effort on your part.

    a stained sheet tray with text: hopeless
    the same sheet tray with one corner looking much cleaner after being scrubbed with the pink stuff, with text: ...or not!
    britt holding a tub of the pink stuff
    Britt Ross / BuzzFeed

    Check out yours truly using it three ways on TikTok!

    After seeing countless videos on cleaning TikTok that raved about The Pink Stuff, I knew I had to try it out on my stained, grime-coated sheet tray. I mean, if it could make a dent in that, I'd probably believe in magic. Well, I started scrubbing one corner as a test, and lo and behold, the difference was nothing short of DRAMATIC (check out the photos/TikTok for proof!). And I didn't even have to scrub very hard, though as someone with ~minimal~ upper body strength, I doubt any force I could physically apply would even constitute as heavy scrubbing. At any rate, it worked so well that I tried it on a pair of dirty tennis shoes and a blue stain that had been singed onto my toaster oven for months, and, yup, it worked. I will say, if you want your sheet trays to look brand spankin' new, you might need one of those cleaning scraper tools to get every last bit off, but as far as general stain removal goes, consider me a FAN. 

    Get it from Amazon for $5.97 (also available in packs of two or three). 

    3. And a pack of melamine sponges, which are fantastic for tackling mysterious wall smudges, dirt, and grime without the need for chemical sprays. Just wet with water and wipe!

    Before photo of dirty stove top
    After photo of clean stove top using melamine sponges
    Tom Vellner / BuzzFeed

    Reviewers say they're an excellent dupe for the Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, and much more affordable!

    Promising review: "As good as Mr. Clean Magic Erasers but half the price. They clean so many surfaces better than anything. We use them at the bar and clean our chalkboards, metal sinks and ice wells, beer coolers, FRP backsplash walls, and even graffiti in the bathrooms comes off more easily with these than other cleaning products. I took one home and cleaned my shower faster and more easily than with bottles of shower cleaner. Highly recommended." —Stephen Brandau

    To learn more, check out BuzzFeed's STK extra-thick cleaning sponges review

    Get a 20-pack from Amazon for $11.95.

    4. A super popular ChomChom pet hair remover to roll over furniture, bedding, clothes, or anywhere you'd like your beloved cat's out-of-control shedding to stop accumulating. Best of all? It's totally reusable and doesn't require any annoying sticky film, making it eco-friendly and cost-effective!

    Reviewer photo of a black pillow covered in white dog hair and you can clearly see which side they brushed with the fur remover because all the dog hair is gone in that section
    reviewer photo of the pet hair remover filled with hair

    Promising review: "This thing is magical and I wish I had found it sooner. Even the most stubborn of dog hairs that have been seemingly woven into the fabric of your couch are no match for the ChomChom. The satisfying click of the roller will have you ChomChom-ing every surface you possibly can, while your dog looks at you in cold betrayal for removing his precious fur deposits. He plots revenge against this new nemesis, revenge that is doomed to fail from the start, because the ChomChom is far too powerful. Meanwhile, you are transfixed by the serotonin rush filling your brain as your ChomChom fills with more and more hair, leaving a path of de-furred sofa in its wake. The dog barks in disapproval. You smile, finally sitting on fur-free furniture for the first time in a long time. Maybe you’ll even have friends over now." —Will

    Get it from Amazon for $28.95 — don't forget to apply the coupon to save $3!

    5. An over-the-sink dish drying rack for anyone whose counter space is basically non-existant (gotta love those teeny city apartments!). You'll be really glad you bought it when you're cleaning up after dinner and realize, Hey, I actually have a place for this stuff that's not the kitchen table! It would also make an ideal cooling rack and conveniently rolls up when not in use, meaning it'll save even more space.

    Promising review: "I bought this because I saw it on TikTok and I’m so glad I did! I hate having things on my counters that don’t belong. I have a dishwasher but I have some things (like most everyone) that aren’t dishwasher safe. I love that I can just roll this out and dry my dishes over the sink. The fact that air is able to get to all sides allows dishes like cups and bowls to actually get dry. Prior to this I was using a drying mat next to my sink, but I was always having to towel dry items that had been sitting out “drying” for hours. Even my husband is impressed. He has told me multiple times it was such a good buy!" —Sheri

    Get it from Amazon for $8.92+ (available in eight sizes).

    6. And a bamboo burner cover people with small kitchens will be thrilled to learn exists, since it transforms your stove into extra counter space! It's essentially a big cutting board, so feel free to chop away right on it.

    a kitchen stove with the bamboo burner cover on top creating more counter space
    a hand lifting the cover showing the stove-top underneath
    Jennifer Tonti / BuzzFeed

    BuzzFeed's Jennifer Tonti credits this burner cover for helping her cook with ease: "OK so I just bought this for my own tiny apartment (pictured above) and OMG you guys. Life = changed. Food = chopped. Counter space = doubled. I mean the math is all there."

    Promising review: "This is so perfect for extra space. It covers the top of my apartment-sized stove so I can then use my stove space for my Instant Pot and food prep. The best space-saving and cosmetic thing I have ever gotten for this tiny apartment." —Talyn Amber Skye

    Get it from Amazon for $72.95+ (available in three sizes and in sets). 

    7. A fan-favorite carpet cleaner that'll help you keep your cool the next time your dog/kid/SO makes a mess on that white rug you insisted on getting. Don't worry, it'll make stains and regret vanish!

    Cream carpet with large and dark brown chocolate milk stain on it
    The same carpet with the chocolate milk stain totally removed

    Promising review: "This stuff is AMAZING. We have a 1.5-year-old puppy and have make several futile attempts to clean up carpet stains from her potty training days. Another dog owner clued us into this, and we cannot believe we didn't buy it sooner. Seriously, the same night this arrived, I spilled an entire bottle of beer on white carpet (oops), grabbed the Folex, sprayed a bunch onto the stain, massaged it into the carpet with my finger tips, and blotted with a damp towel. You can't see ANY remnant of a stain. I've also attacked old stains (like one-plus year old) and saw the same results. Seriously, buy this!!!" —AKM

    Get it from Amazon for $12.85+ (available in two sizes).

    8. Or a nontoxic carpet cleaning solution any pet owner will want in their arsenal, stat. You can use it with your vacuum, and not only does it help remove those stubborn stains, reviewers say it'll take care of lingering odors with its refreshingly minty scent as well!

    This solution works great with Bissell, Hoover, McCulloch, Rug Doctor, Kenmore, and Carpet Express vacuum cleaners.

    Sunny & Honey is a family-run small business making cleaning products designed for pet owners who want keep their homes stain- and odor-free. 

    Promising review: "A true sensory experience while completing a mundane, laborious chore! The scent from this cleaner was pleasing versus the harsh chemical smell from the other brands out there. Yet, it was able to remove old stains that had been in the carpet fiber for well over seven years. This surprised me as I had just accepted that those stains were there to stay. Plus, it's concentrated so I just used over a bit of the recommended amount. Now the carpet looks great with no grainy feel to it when you walk on it with bare feet; although I did vacuum afterwards. Just as important, the carpet does not have the unpleasant odor that has lingered and would rear its ugly head from time to time! Thanks to Amazon for carrying this and making it easy for me to locate on the site!!!" —Marie J.

    Get it from Amazon for $19.99+ (available in two sizes).

    9. And Bissell's Little Green cleaner, which is essentially like having your own personal stain-lifting professional in your house 24/7. This small yet mighty machine effortlessly removes seemingly impossible stains from carpets and upholstery with its strong spray and suction functions, and its large tank means less refilling while cleaning. 

    reviewer before photo showing a stained dining room chair seat
    same reviewer's after photo showing the beige seat looking good as new after being cleaned with the little green

    It comes with a tough stain tool, HydroRinse self-cleaning hose tool, and a trial-size Spot & Stain with Febreze Freshness formula.

    Promising review: "This vacuum is amazing. I first heard of it on TikTok where people were using it to clean their stairs, mattresses, car seats, etc. and from the videos, it already looked amazing, but considering how dirty my dining chair cushions were, I was a little bit apprehensive and skeptical. I purchased the item and used it on my chairs for the first time and the results were SO AMAZING. I posted photos for reference of how dirty my cushions were before the cleaning and after the cleaning! Best vacuum I've ever used. I even bought a second one!" —Davina

    Get it from Amazon for $123.59.

    10. A pack of shelf dividers that'll keep your closet from becoming an absolutely chaotic mess. No more ruffling through piles of towels whenever you're looking for a pillowcase.

    A customer review photo of their closet neatly organized using the dividers
    A customer review photo of their closet neatly organized using the dividers

    Promising review: "I was a little doubtful about these being able to stand up straight but was pleasantly surprised. I'm using them in an old antique cabinet/wardrobe to separate stacks of clothes that would otherwise turn into a pile of clothes on a shelf. I would definitely buy again." —the booniepepper

    Get a set of two from Amazon for $12.99+ (available in platinum or bronze). 

    11. A SinkShroom strainer you should probably get if you're the type of person who avoids doing dishes because your sink takes FOR-EV-ER to drain. It'll catch all of those bits of food before they become an issue, and when it's full, just *pop* the remnants into the trash without scraping any gunk out with your fingers.

    a moving gif to show how the water still drains even when the strainer is full of gunk
    the stainless steel circular strainer with a black rubber middle grip
    Heather Braga / BuzzFeed, Amazon

    BuzzFeed Shopping's Heather Braga says: "I bought this for myself (since I'm clearly a REAL adult) and OMG. This thing REALLY works. Usually when my husband makes sauce from scratch I'm left with chunks of tomatoes throughout my sink and water that WILL NOT drain — that was until I bought the SinkShroom. My mom was so impressed she bought one, too. It's a serious game-changer."

    Promising review: "I've gone through quite a number of sink strainers in my life and ALL of them have either broken or the little pop-up part won't stay in the up position... especially when there's a couple of pots in the sink that have been soaking. It doesn't seem like a big thing, but day after day, cleaning out the sink drain, trying to get the little bugger to stay in the 'up' position, wrapping rubber bands around that pop-up thingy, only to have them become really yucky from the stuff I'm attempting to keep from going down the drain and I'd about had it! Then I find this SinkShroom. It's been about two weeks and yes, it has CHANGED MY LIFE! I keep expecting a mini mess in the morning (my kids are usually up late at night, cooking and then cleaning their mess so it's usually full in the a.m.) and there's my SinkShroom... half filled with food pieces but EASY TO EMPTY!! No yucky wet mess. Just a simple flick into the garbage can. HALLELUJAH!" —Elizabeth B.

    Get it from Amazon for $9.98 (also available as a two-pack and with a stopper). 

    12. A pack of dishwasher cleaning tablets, because how clean could your dishes really be if your dishwasher itself is a mess? Their subtle, crisp scent is a welcome change from those rancid odors that often creep up over time with dishwasher use, and in terms of your dishwasher's appearance, I think the photos speak for themselves. 

    reviewer's dirty dishwasher with brown stains on the bottom
    The same dishwasher, which is now stain-free after using the tablets

    Just pop them into the tray where you'd normally put detergent (or on the bottom of your dishwasher if you're washing dishes at the same time), and run as usual!

    Promising review: "This was simple to use, smelled good, and I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the dishwasher after the recommended cleaning cycle. This product actually did what it advertises that it will do! Great results, fairly economical — and by the way — it works!" —Old Southern Charm

    Another promising review: "Just get them. Changed the way my 20-year-old dishwasher works. Much cleaner dishes and the interior is like new. First time you use it, run it empty with just the cleaner. I didn't realize how much mold and ickiness it got out of my machine." —drpicard

    Get a pack of six tablets from Amazon for $8.99.

    13. And a dishwasher magnet you can toggle to say whether the contents inside are clean or dirty — a seemingly small gesture with potentially major peace-keeping results. If you've ever experienced the horror of your SO putting dirty dishes into a dishwasher filled with clean ones, you need this in your cart, stat.

    A customer using the magnet
    The magnets

    Promising review: "I bought this because of a TikTok video. Super cool and now nobody has to ask me if the dishes are clean or not." —D. Washington

    Get it from Amazon for $6.99+ (available in four styles).

    14. A handheld mattress vacuum, because spoiler alert: You might not be aware of just how much dust you've been sleeping on (ew, I know). This bb comes with HEPA filtration and sucks up over 99.99% of small particles — plus, it has a UV light for eliminating icky bacteria. Breathe easy and sweet dreams!

    a review photo of all the dust collected with the mattress vacuum
    gif of a reviewer using the mattress vacuum

    Promising review: "So I bought this originally for my son, who has really bad allergies to dust. At first, we didn't know what was causing this until someone told me to check our beds and furniture. Even though we change our bed sheets regularly, there will be dust left over. So I decided to give this a try and they were right! I couldn't believe how many mites and how much dust there was. I took my time cleaning everyone's bed and our sofa; it was easy to use and light. My son hasn't had a reaction in a while. This product works for my family!" —Lisa

    Get it from Amazon for $104.99+ (available in two colors).

    15. A plant-based Puracy spray reviewers say will send even the most stubborn tomato sauce, oil, sweat, and baby poop stains packing their bags. Now you won't have to throw out your favorite throw blanket after your very adorable (and very not-potty-trained) puppy has an accident on it 🙃

    reviewer gif showing the stain remover getting rid of a big orange stain on white fabric
    reviewer before photo of a shirt covered in stains
    after photo of the same shirt looking stain-free

    Based in Austin, Texas, Puracy was started by two best friends with the aim of making plant-based cleaning products that are gentle enough to use around children. 

    Promising review: "With a little one, a dog, and an outdoor-loving family, I am constantly doing laundry. I have tried other natural stain removers and none really do the job. They get out some stains, or need to be washed within 15 minutes and retreated, which isn't always a reality in our home. This, however, is amazing! I haven't met a stain this can't handle! It has to soak for a long time, which makes laundry easy and allows for flexibility. Also, it has no odor, no residue, no damage to clothes. It is amazingly easy to use and does an amazing job. I have gifted this to a few friends with babies just because it really is that good!" —Trixie L

    Get it from Amazon for $7.49+ (available in three sizes). 

    16. And a dedicated red wine stain remover that'll ease any apprehensions you might have about hosting friends now that your new white couch has finally arrived. 

    A reviewer's stained fabric
    A reviewer's clean fabric after using the stain remover

    Wine Away is a woman-owned, US-based business!

    For best results, absorb the excess liquid, then saturate the spot with the stain remover. Let it sit for one to five minutes, and then blot it out. This product can also be used on hard surfaces to remove latex paint and grease.

    Promising review: "When you have anything white in your house and you have a love for red wine THIS PRODUCT IS A MUST! We had a dinner party of about 15 people in our house so I bought five bottles just in case. Someone spilled red wine on our brand-new white couch. I was so mad, but I used this stuff and it was GONE. It didn't just take most of the red wine out — the red wine was GONE! No trace of it at all! I will buy more!" —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $12.49.

    17. A pack of disposable Houseplant Sticky Stakes for keeping pesky buggies off of your precious houseplants! Stick 'em into the soil and try staying calm when you realize just how many insects are in your home. 😬

    Promising review: "Holy cow these suckers work! I'm so grossed out by the result, but at the same time, I have a sick sense of satisfaction. I used these in my house plants that are breeding fungus gnats like crazy. I used them in conjunction with beneficial nematodes, and they definitely cut down on the number of gnats in our house. I'm buying another package of sticky traps as soon as I finish this review!" —Megan

    Get a pack of seven traps from Amazon for $6.93.

    18. And a nifty little critter catcher, which traps those creepy-crawlies while keeping you — a person who is terrified of bugs — at arm's length. And because it doesn't kill them, you can release those spiders outside where they belong. 

    a gif of someone using the critter catcher to encase a spider

    Promising review: "This thing is awesome! Initially I was hesitant that it would squish the little guys or they would fall out in transport but it's great! Highly recommend! Sorry your GPS brought you into my house, little guy, I will help you find your way back outside :)" —Crystal R

    Get it from Amazon for $21.99+ (available in three colors).

    19. A foaming garbage disposal cleaner to rid your kitchen of those gross, lingering smells coming from your sink — you know, the ones that always make you think, Wow, should I be cleaning my garbage disposal? The answer is a resounding YES!, since this stuff will replace those yucky odors with a bright, lemony scent. Plus, watching it bubble up is pretty fun!

    blue foaming cleanser pushing its way out of the sink drain

    Promising review: "Saw on TikTok (don’t judge) and automatically added to cart. So easy to use, takes probably a minute to fully bubble up and clean, and you’re left with a clean sink! I use with other drain cleaning products, but would 100% recommend for weekly maintenance." —Jessica Hamilton

    Get a four-pack from Amazon for $4.25 (also available as a pack of 24). 

    20. An Angry Mama microwave cleaner for anyone who wants those gross, caked-on food remnants gone, but would rather not spend hours doing any hard scrubbing. Just fill with vinegar and water, heat in the microwave for 5–7 minutes, and marvel at how effortlessly the stains from last month's tomato soup explosion wipe right off.

    reviewer's before photo of the green angry mama in a dirty microwave
    same reviewer's after photo of the angry mama in a clean microwave

    Promising review: "I'm embarrassed to say I hadn't cleaned my microwave in about six months. It's an awful task. I ran Angry Mama one time, wiped down easily, then ran it one more time to get it really clean. Highly recommend using it more often than once every six months for a super fast, super clean microwave!" —Kelsey

    Get it from Amazon for $7.29+ (available in four colors).