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    Stop Throwing Out Your Stinky Shoes And Get These Charcoal Shoe Deodorizers

    They're reusable for up to two years!

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    A sad truth is that no matter how clean of a person you are, some of your shoes will inevitably become stinky — especially that favorite pair of boots you've been wearing all season.


    You, whenever the shoes come off.

    In the past, I never knew how to deal with stinky shoes — I’d try airing them out, but it never totally worked. The problem was worse with flats, because I usually wear them barefoot, and if they got caught in the rain? I considered them a goner (RIP, many of my shoes). Enter, however, these mini Moso natural shoe deodorizers, aka the solution to all our smelly-shoe woes.

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    They’re filled with bamboo charcoal and are supposed to suck up bacteria- and odor-causing moisture, as well as the odor itself, leaving shoes dry and fresh. I was very curious to see if these claims were valid, so I put them to the test right away. Heck, if they could save even one pair of shoes, I’d be getting my money’s worth!

    I tried them first on my favorite black boots that I wear daily. They had started to smell a little musty, and the odor was beginning to transfer onto my socks. Overnight, the smell had completely disappeared, leaving only a leather scent behind. To say I was shook is an understatement.

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    I then tried them on another three-year-old pair of flats that had not been smelling the best since, well, three years ago. After one day, it no longer smelled like anything. And keep in mind that I’m using the same pair of bags back to back!

    The product description says the bags are reusable for up to two years; you simply air them out in the sun to rejuvenate 'em once in a while. I’ve been using the same pair now for six months, and they’re still highly effective.

    The internet loves these little bags of charcoal just as much as I do — it has nearly 2,000 reviews on Amazon and a 4.1-star rating!


    "I have a pair of black leather flats that stank so badly my husband would yell at me if I took them off anywhere near him. But I love the shoes! So I had to find something to make the stench go away without leaving me with an allergic reaction. Mini Moso was the answer. I honestly couldn’t believe it. A few days after placing them in my prized off shoes, I took a whiff from about a foot away. Nothing. I got closer. Nothing. I stuck my nose practically in the shoe. Ok, maybe that’s pushing things, but I’ve got to tell you that 95% of the broken-in leather grossness was gone. So happy!" —Erin

    "My Nike Flyknits were smelling kinda dank after about half a year of running and working out in them. Left these babies in overnight and the smell was NOTICEABLY reduced. Now after every day, I leave them in and my shoes don't smell like crap anymore. :)" —Poe

    "These are great for sticking in gym shoes or a gym bag. I had some flats that got soaked in the rain and had a terrible smell after they dried out. I kept these in them for a for days, and the smell was completely neutralized. No fake cover-up smell, either. I plan to buy the other shapes/sizes for other areas of my apartment and my car." —Molly

    Now you can be the proud owner of fresh, odorless shoes! Hooray!

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    Kicks so fresh, they belong in a Mentos commercial.

    Get them from Amazon for $9.90.

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