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    31 Amazing Gifts That Will Make Everyone Say "OK, That Is Cool"

    Gifts even cooler than the sunglass emoji. 😎

    1. A personalized family tree offering a beautiful way to chronicle their lineage.

    illustrated tree with lots of names branched out in a semi circle

    2. A seashell catch-all dish with a light-up pearl because we love a multi-tasking gift! They can use it as a soothing light at night and a ring dish during the day.

    3. A set of clear butterfly clips sure to make their '90s baby heart flutter.

    4. A rainbow welcome mat that'll be as nice and welcome as your recipient is!

    rainbow doormat outside home

    5. A set of foil affirmation cards that'll offer uplifting messages whenever they need them.

    person holding card that reads "today is a sacred gift from life"

    6. A celestial pour-over coffee set that absolutely wins the award for prettiest practical gift. If they already go through the trouble of making pour-over coffee, the whole experience should be as aesthetically pleasing as possible, right?

    the celestial coffee kit

    7. A match striker that'll make everyone oohh and aahh whenever a candle needs to be lit.

    The match striker in white and beige

    8. A high-tech Dewplanter perfect for anyone who has trouble remembering to water their plants. This handy device self-waters by grabbing water from the air. I'm sorry Wall-E, but this is my new favorite robot.

    the dew white planter with wooden accents and a visible moisture vent

    9. An initial ring made with an adjustable band for anyone who loves bold statement pieces.

    10. A pair of weighted Bala Bangles to add a little resistance to their workout or everyday routine. Passive exercise? My favorite.

    11. A super cute panda LED light so they can do their own gel manicures at home.

    model pushes button on panda led light

    12. A wiggly mirror so amazing, it has been haunting my dreams since I've seen it. Once I swear I woke up with my credit card already in hand.

    mirror with light wood with wiggly border

    13. And on the subject of squiggles, this super stylish wiggle ring with a mother of pearl gem. Look how cool! Someone propose to me with that thing.

    ring with brass squiggle and shiny white stone

    14. A bumper bubble offering safety as they run full speed into trees, the ground, family members, etc.

    15. A pair of hanging rainbow earrings that are already really cool but — get this — they also GLOW IN THE DARK!

    16. A cool card that outdoes anything you could find at your local pharmacy. Your recipient simply presses a button and — surprise! — it's balloon time.

    17. A pumpkin spice simple syrup to further enable their unhealthy relationship with PSLs. Hey, it's fall somewhere (their mind).

    a person holding the bottle of pumpkin simple syrup

    18. A glowing bath bomb for anyone looking for a bath that's a little less relaxing and little more radioactive.

    19. A double-walled glass with an upside-down critter design. Pour yourself a drink and listen to "Upside Down," by the A*Teens to celebrate this silly find.

    20. A mystical wireless phone charger for anyone who prefers fantasy over the sci-fi reality we live in.

    21. Rose gold cocktail glitter to glam up all the cool mixed drinks they've been whipping up at home.

    pearlescent pink drink in a martini glass

    22. A pack of squishy narwhal toys they'll make a point of squeezing every day.

    23. A set of LED light saber chopsticks to make fights over the last dumpling extra dramatic.

    dueling glowing lightsaber chopsticks over a bowl of rice

    24. A humidifier that looks like a little dog ready to blast off into space in their reindeer rocket ship. Why isn't this a movie yet?

    25. Random Illustrated Facts to arm your trivia fan with even more useless information. Even if they already know some of these tidbits, the illustrations make the information feel new again.

    26. Some fishnet socks that look great with sneakers, loafers, or block-heels.

    fishnet socks with bows on the back

    27. A set of a-meow-zing chair socks that ironically prevent scratches instead of creating them.

    28. A nifty spout that creates little Mickey Mouse soap dollops. They just need to attach it to their favorite foaming soap bottle and bam! They're basically in Disneyland.

    mickey mouse pump attachment that helps create mouse shaped foam

    29. A carbonated bubble clay mask that'll help refresh their face and put on a good show while it does it.

    30. A DIY sushi kit for you and a special someone because make the food yourself always makes it taste better.

    31. Of Cats and Men, a book that celebrates famous men of history and their furry feline friends.

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