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    31 Things From Target That’ll Practically Redecorate Your Home For You

    It's a simple way to add a few key pieces or introduce some fresher furniture into your space.

    1. A 'welcome' doormat that will create an immediately cozy atmosphere in any home. It's a practical item that's great for all seasons and its colorful design will add a bright pop of color to your hallway or porch.

    The 'welcome' doormat in black lettering with a floral background on a doorstep

    2. A bean bag for those of us that are still heavily invested in being cozy at all times. It's super squishy and is a great place to chill out, read a book, or even get a little work done.

    The bean bag in chevron purple/ white with a model playing on an iPad sitting in it

    3. A two-pack of chevron hand towels because if your bath towels have been looking a little ratty as of late, this is a perfect time to re-up your supply and make your bathroom look all shiny and new again.

    The two-pack of chevron hand towels in light blue in a bathroom

    4. A set of 400-thread count sheets so you can get your best night of sleep possible. It will look incredible with any decor and it' super cute checkered detail will add a modern feel to the house.

    The set of 400 thread count sheets in coral lattice

    5. A starry globe night-light that, if we're being honest, we've never grown out of. It's a cute addition to any room and will add a nice glow to your evenings.

    The starry globe nightlight glowing in a dark room next to a house plant

    6. A stackable storage wire bin because we could all use a few extra storage solutions. It's great for yarn, blankets, pillows, and any other items you want to keep on hand but off the ground.

    The stackable storage wire bin in white holding yarn, a pillow, and knitting needles

    7. A metal circle shelf so you can display your favorite trinkets, plants, and books in a cute circular mounted wall unit. Its super unique shape and color will add a nice modern look to any room.

    The metal circle shelf in gold holding a small plant and notebooks

    8. A coiled rope storage bin that is truly the MVP of any entry way game. It's a great place to keep your phone, keys, wallet, sanitizer, masks, and so much more.

    The coiled rope storage bin holding maps and a bottle of water in an entry way

    9. A decorative tassel throw pillow with a plush feel that will have you seeking nap time a few more times a week than you should. Its sleek appearance makes it a perfect addition to any bed, chair, or couch.

    The decorative throw pillow in dusty jade on a bed with a wood headboard

    10. A three-tier rolling rack because we could all use an extra bar cart, kitchen rack, and butcher block. Since this is all those items in one it's truly unbeatable.

    The three-tier rolling cart holding liquor and being used as a bar cart in a kitchen

    11. A rattan TV stand so you can always have something beautiful to look at. Its super chic wicker design is very of the moment and is sure to please even the most interior design-oriented.

    The rattan TV stand in black holding a framed drawing and a wicker basket

    12. A faux leather storage ottoman that is a great place to keep extra blankets and cushions. Plus, it can be used as an extra seat or a foot stool so you know you'll get the maximum use out of it.

    The storage ottoman in chocolate faux leather holding tea and a book

    13. A macrame hammock chair for those who value their relaxation time above all these. This super cozy swing chair will make any living room feel like an actual playground for adults and we're sure you'll end up catching some Zs in it.

    The macrame swing chair in beige with a blue pillow

    14. A chunky knit pouf because we could all use a little pouf in our lives. It's an idea ottoman, side table, foot stool, or meditation seat. However you use this versatile piece is up to you!

    The chunky knit pouf in black sitting in front of a gray tufted sofa

    15. A multi stripe rope storage bin for those of us who are constantly trying to be better about keeping things tidy around the house. It's great for organizing toys, books, and blankets so your house can feel less cluttered.

    The multi-stripe rope storage bin holding children's toys

    16. A cast-iron bookshelf so you can organize your books, trinkets, and plants all the while creating a nice display piece. Its rustic design will add a nice contrast to a traditional or contemporary home and a quality design ensurs it lasts a lifetime.

    The cast iron bookshelf in light brown holding books, wicker baskets, and a framed drawing

    17. A round coffee table that will add a modern touch to any space. It's sleek marble design and cute brass legs make it a perfect addition to any home, no matter what style.

    The round marble coffee table with a gold metal frame holding a gold bowl

    18. A writing desk with drawers for those of us who have lots of things we'd like to keep out of sight out of mind, especially while we're trying to focus on work. It's perfect for keeping pens, note pads, and other essentials.

    The writing desk with drawers holding a set of pens, a laptop, and keys

    19. A pinstripe short dining room chair cover because keeping your furniture in tip-top shape can be as easy as investing in some seat coverings. Plus, they look nice and will add a sophisticated feel to any dining room.

    The short dining room chair cover in cream on a chair with wood legs

    20. A tufted storage bench so you can use your space to the fullest. It's perfect for organizing your every day items and for creating seating no matter how small your space is.

    A tufted storage bench in spice

    21. An end table that is ideal for keeping books, magazines, plants, and any beverage that you so choose. It's a great neutral piece that will blend well with any type of decor and add a nice earthy wooden feel to the home.

    The end table in natural holding a plant, glass of water, and basket of magazines

    22. A sling armchair for those that are constantly looking to up their seating game. It's great as an accent piece or as a desk chair and is comfy enough that you'll want to sit in it all day long.

    The sling armchair in dark grey

    23. An arched wood cabinet because we could all use some extra storage space and this looker is what we like to call a statement piece. Its beautiful wood and wicker construction is super modern and will make you feel like you're living in an expensive interior design catalog.

    The arched wood cabinet next to a chair with a checked red pillow

    24. A mid-century round extendible table so you can make your diving room set up your own. It's a great way to add a personal touch to your mealtime and make your dining room a place that actually gets used.

    The midcentury round extendible table with matching chairs in black

    25. A faux cowhide area rug that will add a rustic feel to any home. It's super chic and it's neutral palate makes it a great fit for any home — we also recommend accessorizing it with plants!

    The faux cowhide area rug in offwhite

    26. A wood console table for the person who is constantly losing track of their PKWM (phone, keys, wallet, mask). It's a great piece to keep near the front door so you can grab your essentials before running out the door.

    The wood console table holding a basket, books, and candles

    27. A braided area rug because having a rug that looks good and feels good is a must. It's a simple item that will make your space feel much more tied together.

    The braided area rug in ivory

    28. A floor cabinet with side shelves so your medicine cabinet won't be overstuffed with beauty products, toothbrushes, and medical essentials.

    The floor cabinet with side shelves in espresso brown

    29. A set of geometric base side table lamps that will add a nice glow to your space. It comes in a set so it's perfect for any bedside, entry, or side console and its fun geometric shape makes it stand out from the standard lamps you see online.

    One of the set of two geometric base side table lamps  on a wood end table

    30. A Novogratz metallic floor lamp for the person who appreciates having a lamp that's about their height. Its sleek midcentury design makes it a perfect lamp for the moment and is sure to be a trend we see for months to come.

    The metallic floor lamp in dark gray

    31. A Novogratzreclaimed oak vinyl record stand because if you have lots of media and nowhere to store it presently, this may just be the perfect solution for you. Its vertical design makes it a total space saver too and it's sure to be a fit for any home no matter how small.

    The reclaimed oak vinyl record stand holding a record player and tens of records

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