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    28 Items That Are Super Helpful And Only A Little Ridiculous

    Handy products with just a touch of whimsy.

    1. A heart-shaped ring light for well-lit and absolutely adorable conference calls and selfies.

    ring light on a stand

    2. An unreasonably cute animal ottoman that serves as a nice place to sit AND a secret hiding place for all your extra junk.

    ottomans shaped like a dog, crocodile, and monkey

    3. A pair of bread slippers, aka loafers to keep your feet warm and toasty.

    shoes shaped like bread

    4. A presidential podium that doubles as a scratch post because we all agree your cat is a natural born leader.

    cat behind a podium with american flags

    5. A tube of Nerdwax to actually keep your glasses on your nose.

    chapstick like tube of nerdwax

    6. A funny clock worthy of a spot on any prankster's wall.

    clock that says jesus look at the time with a picture of jesus looking at the clock

    7. A carbonated bubble clay mask that'll help refresh their face and put on a good show while it does it.

    8. Sock holders to keep your favorite socks together in the laundry. Your washing machine is gonna have to find something else to eat.

    socks clipped into a string so they're all together

    9. A trio of monkeys happy to hang out and hold your various kitchen utensils.

    three monkeys hanging on pole with curved tails that hold pots

    10. A mystical wireless phone charger for anyone who prefers fantasy over the sci-fi reality we live in.

    11. A cute ducky egg separator that'll spew out egg white and keep the yolk safe and sound. Gross, but helpful!

    little bowl shaped like broken egg with duck face and hole in the beak for white to pour out of

    12. A little sauce stand so you can get eveeeeerryyy last drop of that Sweet Baby Ray's.

    before: bottle with a little BBQ sauce left in it after: bottle upside down with all the good stuff in the neck of the bottle

    13. Finger claws to make you feel like a tiny dinosaur while chowing down on some wings. But, like, a really clean dino, because your hands will be spotless.

    tiny claws for your thumb, index, and middle fingers so you can grab chicken wings

    14. A cat hammock so your feline friend can relax and look out the window when you don't have any windowsill space.

    15. A knitting loop ring to keep that pesky yarn literally wrapped around your finger.

    ring with a loop that yarn goes through

    16. A mustachioed holder that suctions onto the shower wall, keeping your razor dry and cute.

    mustachioed face that has a holder for razor

    17. A set of a-meow-zing chair socks that ironically prevent scratches instead of creating them.

    18. A four-pack of Crayola gel hand sanitizer that's easy to squeeze and comes in cool colors. 99.99% of common germs hate this stuff and 99.99% of kids are likely to love it!

    19. A McDonald's Happy Meal or nugget AirPod case cover for people who wanna show off their love of fast food. Personally, I would like a chicken nugget phone case and a Happy Meal purse to place it in. Can Amazon make that happen for me, or???

    20. Dr. Jart's rubber mask shaker so your face can be as smooth as the baby face on the packaging.

    bottles with baby faces on the tops of the bottles and straws in the mouths

    21. A hilarious little face scrubber to help you remove excess oil and dirt. Your face will be one step closer to blackhead free, but you might have more smile lines after using this little guy.

    scrubber with little bear face

    22. A grill rotisserie so all your meats and veggies can go on a fun ferris wheel ride as they cook.

    four shelves that over a grill that spin

    23. A tin of Shakespeare bandages that add insult to injury (but still make great bandages).

    24. A video game-inspired light switch for people who just really miss having a pressable button on their iPhone.

    25. A wine condom for people who won't stop saying "penis grigio."

    26. A clear shower curtain with pockets so you can multi-task on mornings when you're running late to work.

    model showers with watching tv on ipad in clear pocket

    27. A macrame fruit hammock so all your produce has a cool place to hang out that's not the usual space-hogging bowl.

    white macrame fruit hammock with oranges and apples above a small kitchen counter

    28. And a functional doorknob that might look familiar if you've seen Alice in Wonderland. Luckily, this particular knob won't yell at you.

    doorknob shaped like the talking one in alice in wonderland

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