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These Wine Condoms Mean You'll Never Waste A Half-Finished Bottle Again

Keep your leftover wine fresh.

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Introducing: wine condoms. 👀

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They're exactly what you think they are. They're rubber...well, condoms, that roll over the neck of an open wine bottle, keeping the air out and wine in. They come in sets of six, and you can wash and reuse them multiple times.


Now let's address the obvious question: What makes this product better than simply re-corking your bottle or using a bottle stopper?


First of all, a cork can be very difficult to fit back into the bottle once removed. Also, as you may have experienced, corks are often damaged or broken in the process of opening the bottle.

Plus, wine condoms allow you to easily store your half-open bottle on its side.

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Corks and bottle stoppers can be clunky. They often stick out and prevent you from closing your refrigerator door. But not wine condoms!

The marketing isn't just on point — the product is actually super legit.

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They're just as effective as any bottle stopper in keeping air out of an open wine bottle (and remember, contact with oxygen is what makes wine go bad).


And over 200 Amazon users have given wine condoms an impressive 4.7-star rating.


"So good I had to buy two! Not only are these wine condoms a gift that people will talk about, but they're a responsible way to keep your wine sealed between drinks. First and foremost, they're reusable....I also want to note that these wine condoms were socially conscious: When I received my package, I also received a note stating that a portion of my purchase had gone toward providing clean water for those in need. Definitely worth the purchase from a great company!" —Samantha

"So funny, yet practical! They work great... I was a bit skeptical but can honestly say they are as functional as funny! I had a small get-together and everyone wanted one!" —Melissa

"These were even better than I hoped ;)) What a great fun gift for my wine-loving friends... I will be ordering more for sure👍👍" —Janet

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