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I Asked AI What Europeans Think Americans From Every Single State Look Like, And The Results Are Just Plain Mean

I guess this is what Europeans really think of us.

Here at BuzzFeed, we are constantly freaking out about what Europeans hate and love about Americans. That's why I asked AI, state by state, what Europeans REALLY think Americans from all 50 states look like. The results may, well, surprise you. Let's get started:

Disclaimer: The following images were created using generative AI image models for the sake of entertainment and curiosity. The images also reveal the biases and stereotypes that currently exist within AI models and are not meant to be seen as accurate or full depictions of human experience.

1. Here's what Europeans think people from Alabama look like:

Balding older man with several missing teeth, a thick mustache and beard, and unkempt wisps of hair, wearing a dirty T-shirt

2. Alaska:

A smiling man wearing a hooded jacket and thick hat, lying in a mound of snow

3. Arizona:

A man with his large arms raised and wearing a T-shirt, seated in front of many mugs of beer

4. Arkansas:

A sad-looking man with heavy beard and mustache and unkempt hair, wearing a plaid shirt open and showing his bare chest

5. California:

A young woman with long, light brunette hair, wearing sunglasses, standing in front of a palm tree and the beach, and holding a small dog and two beverage cups

6. Colorado:

A frantically smiling man climbing a mountain and carrying a large backpack

7. Connecticut:

A somber-looking man in a shirt and tie sitting on a couch next to a somber-looking woman with a conservative haircut and wearing a short-sleeved top buttoned to the top; they're both wearing glasses and sitting with their hands in their laps

8. Delaware:

An older woman wearing a kitchen apron and sorting through a mountain of crabs in a kitchen

9. Florida:

A smiling man with a thick neck and double chin and unkempt hair wearing a loose T-shirt

10. Georgia:

11. Hawaii:

A man with a gray goatee wearing garlands/leis around his neck, sunglasses, loose pants, and sandals sits next to a young woman, also wearing sunglasses, on a rock at the beach

12. Idaho:

A seated man with a thick beard and mustache, wearing a cap, a plaid shirt, and jeans and holding an enormous potato

13. Illinois:

A man with a thick mustache, wearing a beanie and T-shirt, and eating a huge sandwich outdoors

14. Indiana:

A man with a thick beard and mustache and wearing overalls stands in a cornfield with a woman, who's wearing a conservative dress, and eight children, all of them very solemn looking, and most with blonde hair or light brunette hair

15. Iowa:

An older man with a gray mustache and long beard and wearing a sun hat, thick boots, and denim shorts is sitting in a cornfield

16. Kansas:

A man wearing a cap, striped T-shirt, and overalls stands in the middle of a county fair

17. Kentucky:

An older man wearing a wide-brimmed hat, overalls, and a long shirt and bow tie glowers at the camera

18. Louisiana:

An excited-looking man wearing a T-shirt showing large biceps is holding a crawfish and sitting at a table stacked with seafood, including prawns and other crustaceans, bowls of condiments, and bottles of wine and other beverages

19. Maine:

A man with long hair and a long, unkempt beard and a mustache sits in the woods with a woman with long hair; they're both wearing thick hats, jackets, and pants

20. Maryland:

A smiling, clean-shaven young man sits with a pile of crabs

21. Massachusetts:

A man with heavy lines on his forehead and heavy jowls and wearing a backward cap, T-shirt, and jacket grimaces

22. Michigan:

A heavy-set man wearing a hooded jacket with snow on it, thick beanie, and jeans and carrying a beverage can

23. Minnesota:

A smiling man and a smiling older woman hold an enormous pot of stew

24. Mississippi:

An irate man stands in the aisle of a church as people with their hands raised sit in the pews behind him

25. Missouri:

A man wearing a T-shirt sits in a dirt field with a huge mountain of barbecued meat and bowls in front of him

26. Montana:

A man wearing a wide-brimmed hat sits on a horse with stirrups

27. Nebraska:

An older smiling, balding man with an unkempt beard and hair and wearing overalls sits amid many unusually huge ears of corn

28. Nevada:

An excited older person sitting at a video gambling machine

29. New Hampshire:

An older man and woman smiling and sitting in front of a huge bowl of what could be cereal

30. New Jersey:

A bald man with a stained T-shirt sits in front of a huge plate of spaghetti

31. New Mexico:

An alien-looking bald man stands in an arid setting with a large group of alien-looking beings behind him

32. New York:

A smiling man in a suit and tie with bills flying all around him and the urban skyline behind him

33. North Carolina:

A man in Bermuda shorts and a short-sleeved T-shirt stands in front of a house with a porch and next to a grill

34. North Dakota:

A man stands in the middle of a wheat field with the expanse of sky behind him

35. Ohio:

A man with a thick neck and several chins and wearing a baseball cap holds a bottle of bear in the stands of a baseball game

36. Oklahoma:

A woman in boots and a floral dress, and a man in an old-fashioned mustache, brimmed hat, suspenders, and thick belt with what looks like a gun, stand with old-fashioned trains behind them and what looks like flames on the track

37. Oregon:

A man in glasses and a heavy beard and mustache stands next to a woman, both of them wearing plaid shirts and both holding mugs

38. Pennsylvania:

A smiling young boy with thick, rosy cheeks and chocolate on his face holds a large chocolate bar

39. Rhode Island:

A man wearing sunglasses and wearing a striped, short-sleeved T-shirt stands by the water with many leisure boats behind him

40. South Carolina:

An older man wearing a cap and football jersey and pointing to the football he's holding

41. South Dakota:

A lone figure standing in the middle of an empty field

42. Tennessee:

A man with a thick mustache and long, unkempt beard and wearing a cap, overalls, and loose shirt sits in front of a lit fire holding a bottle

43. Texas:

A man with a very large belly, wearing a wide-brimmed hat, sunglasses, tie, shirt, and overalls, holds a huge cheeseburger and a gun

44. Utah:

A young man in the middle of a group of five children and one young woman, all of them blonde and none of them smiling

45. Vermont:

A disheveled-looking man with heavy lines in his face and an unkempt beard, mustache, and hair, and wearing a stained shirt, smokes a cigarette and holds another one

46. Virginia:

A man with long, silvery white hair and a woman with curly, silvery white hair, both of them wearing Revolutionary War–era, pilgrim-type clothing

47. Washington:

A man with unkempt hair and a slight gray beard and mustache, wearing a short-brimmed hat and raincoat, stands in water up to his waist on the street

48. West Virginia:

An older man with a long white beard and wearing a cap and overalls stands next to a huge pig on its haunches as if he's about to hug or dance with it

49. Wisconsin:

A large man wearing a beanie and a plaid shirt holds a glass and sits in front of a wooden cutting board with different types of cheese on it

50. Wyoming:

A man wearing a wide-brimmed hat and cape sits on a horse in an open field