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21 Tweets By Women That Are So, So, So, So, Soooooo Outrageously Hilarious

"does anyone know a good divorce lawyer? my husband asked what I was reading and I said, 'a room of one's own' and he replied, 'I actually prefer rooms with two or three zones'" —@BrotiGupta

Sorry, I can't write a proper intro this week. My mind is entirely consumed by Ariana DeBose's BAFTA performance, which I'm unironically obsessed with. (She's right — HANGELA BASSETT did, in fact, do the thing.)

Ariana DeBose, condragulations, you're the winner of this week's internet.

Twitter: @joethehack

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three suited men in my coffeeshop. one of them just said, "my personal idea of progress is moving things forward," which is actually just the definition. everyone's nodding. guys like this are in charge of every industry and it's clearly why trains explode

Twitter: @stilloranged


My dad actually took me to my first appointment at the transgender clinic and I was like "This is so cool of you, it's like we're going to Thunderdome! 'Two men enter, one man leaves'"

Twitter: @InkMasterbator


So… a girl got her hair done, got in a fight, snatched her opponents wig, brought it in to her stylist with her original wig hanging off, and got her opponents wig installed 😭🤣🤣🤣🤣 WTF y’all young bitches got it

Twitter: @_MariTaylor


I asked my boyfriend did he feel like God blessed him when he gave him me & this man said “nah, more like God gives his toughest battles to his strongest soldiers” LMFAOOOOOOOOOO 😭😭😭😭😭😭😂😂😂

Twitter: @niicole__nicole


Twitter: @jasminericegirl


"humor was much better in 2017" humor in 2017: whomstve the fucc ate my spaghet

Twitter: @pumthecutiepie


Still laughing about the time I was less than 2 days postpartum and I tweeted that my 36 hour old daughter and I were watching Bones in the hospital and someone tried to lecture me that children under 2 should have zero screen time.

Twitter: @clhubes


many years ago, I had a meeting with my God son's teacher, she was worried about his speech development bc according to her " he NEVER speaks", I asked him - " Gabo, what's going on?" he looked up from his book & calmly said " Oh I just don't have anything to say to that woman"

Twitter: @raniawrites


Tiktok comment: Is that vase from Target? Reply in the form of a video: Ok you guys I know I look crazy, just ignore that, I don't know what the filter is doing. It's been a long day. So I've been getting a lot of people, um, asking if that vase I showed is from Target. Firstly,

Twitter: @JennyENicholson


Putting on lotion is such a task it’s like I don’t want to be dry but damn

Twitter: @arnellarmon


Sometimes I think about how my husband told me once there was a girl in high school who would invite him to sit in her car at lunch and put on music that she’d joke was good make out music and he thought she just really enjoyed music.

Twitter: @baddestmamajama


the second i *notice* the necklace i’ve been comfortably wearing all day

ABC / Via Twitter: @gabywilson



Twitter: @Imani_Barbarin


Beyoncé saying “I know you had it rough growing up but that’s okay I like it rough” is insane girl he need therapy not pussy

Twitter: @eatraelove


on the day i was planning on coming out to my trans sister i was wearing tights shorts and mascara with my nails painted and she randomly looked at me and said "how does it feel to be the only cisgender sibling in the family" and i still couldn't tell her for like another 6 hours

Twitter: @oncloud_e


does anyone know a good divorce lawyer? my husband asked what I was reading and I said, "a room of one's own" and he replied, "I actually prefer rooms with two or three zones"

Twitter: @BrotiGupta


Twitter: @jilltwiss


controversial take but I think Will Smith should slap Chris Rock again this year

Twitter: @AliceRHamilton


you cant deny the hollywood walk of fame would be a lot more fun if the stars were those people's graves

Twitter: @cryingbaseball


When I was 14 my mom found a condom in my room and was like crying so she got my dad to take me to a Mexican restaurant and all he did was get margarita drunk & trauma dump on me & tell me about how much he cheats on my mom. Then he drove us home and we almost died like 6 times

Twitter: @womansplainerr


Having a boyfriend is so awesome like there’s just a guy in ur house whose job it is to know where countries are and what exactly Watergate was

Twitter: @raynefq

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