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This AI Quiz Will Write A Rom-Com About You In, Like, Less Than 30 Seconds

Get ready for a new kind of love story where YOU get to be the main character.

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With the magic of AI, we’ll write your very own rom-com with YOU as the main character. Just answer a few simple questions — the more specific and weird you are, the better your result will be. Ready, set, action!

Didn't love your result? Take the quiz again! Try fictional characters! You'll get a different, special result every time.

This post was enhanced using AI-powered creativity tools. While we hope you have fun with our cool new quizzes, we can’t guarantee that you won't try to "hack" the system with inappropriate content. Please don’t corrupt our poor Buzzy engine with the sick thoughts in your twisted little minds. Find out more about how our new infinity quizzes work here.

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