Sabrina Carpenter Explained Why An "Adventures In Babysitting" Scene Is Still "Triggering"

    "This has been my problem."

    At this point, Sabrina Carpenter is a pop star in her own right.

    Sabrina Carpenter onstage

    Long before she was wowing audiences the world over with her many variations on the "Nonsense" outro, however, Sabrina was a regular actor in the Disney Channel universe.

    Sabrina Carpenter at an event wearing a black dress with gold accents

    Here she is alongside Rowan Blanchard in Girl Meets World...

    Screenshot from "Girl Meets World"

    ...and here she is in the 2016 DCOM remake of the classic '80s comedy Adventures in Babysitting.

    Screenshot from "Adventures in Babysitting"

    Let's talk about Adventures in Babysitting for a second. There's a scene in which Sabrina raps about some stuff regarding the film's plot. Here it is:

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    In a recent interview with Cosmopolitan, Sabrina revealed that the clip has since gone viral — and she does not like seeing it get shared online so widely.

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    Cosmopolitan / Via

    "That one’s a bit triggering for me,” she admitted. “You wanna know why? Because this has resurfaced online in times where I don’t need it to."

    Screenshot from "Adventures in Babysitting"

    "Do you know when you’re like, ‘I have a crush on someone,’ and then all of a sudden your fans start to circulate a really embarrassing video of when you’re little and then it comes up on their explore page because that’s how algorithms work? Because this is the world we live in now?”

    Screenshot from "Adventures in Babysitting"

    Sabrina went on to describe the scene as "my problem" and admitted that "this damn video, it haunts me in my sleep.” What's more, in the interview she initially declines to name the film that the scene is from — before admitting that, yes, it's Adventures in Babysitting.

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    "It was one of my favorite movies," she said of the original, "so to get to remake it and to kind of play a newer version of that character was really cool. It just unfortunately did have a scene where I had to rap.”

    Sabrina Carpenter onstage

    Watch the entire interview here.