The Tiger Woods Shaking Hands With A Tree Meme Is Probably The Most Absurd Meme Of The Year

    Me finding a tree on a 90 degree day.

    Tiger Woods had his poorest performance ever at the Masters tournament last weekend.

    Tiger Woods in a red shirt and cap looks focused during a golf tournament

    Despite playing like crap, one particular moment from his weekend was all over my timeline.

    Golfer in action wearing a red shirt and cap, holding a putter on a sunny day; identity undisclosed

    It was this picture of him looking like he was shaking hands with a tree:

    Golfer in red shirt shaking hands with a person obscured by a tree on a golf course

    In reality, he was shaking hands with legendary broadcaster Verne Lundquist and the camera angle made it look that way.

    Tiger Woods shakes hands with a person obscured by a tree trunk on a golf course

    Anyway, that was enough for it to turn into a meme.

    Tiger Woods moment with legendary Masters broadcaster Verne Lundquist is already becoming a meme 😭

    — Bleacher Report (@BleacherReport) April 14, 2024
    CBS/ Twitter: @BleacherReport

    Here are the funniest ones:

    When I ask for my receipt to be emailed instead of printed

    — Dylan Hornik (@_Hornik_) April 14, 2024
    CBS/Twitter: @_Hornik_

    how it feels to go on a good hike

    — fraser ramon (@SteveMerkle9) April 14, 2024
    CBS/Twitter: @SteveMerkle9

    — Stormchasernick (@stormchasernick) April 14, 2024
    CBS/Twitter: @stormchasernick

    Me agreeing with someone’s tweet while watching them get packed up for it

    — National Champion Michigan Wolverines (@CoachPr_NJ) April 14, 2024
    CBS/Twitter: @CoachPr_NJ

    People on Instagram posting their new significant other for the first time

    — Zach Harper (@talkhoops) April 14, 2024
    CBS/Twitter: @talkhoops

    “These edibles ain’t shit”

    *30 minutes later*

    — Two Inches Short (@TwoInchesShort) April 14, 2024
    CBS/Twitter: @TwoInchesShort

    when someone with a fake twitter name and no photo is pretty cool with you online

    — Matthew Coller (@MatthewColler) April 14, 2024
    CBS/Twitter: @MatthewColler

    Tiger Woods


    — Wes Blankenship (@Wes_nship) April 14, 2024
    CBS/Twitter: @Wes_nship

    me after ripping the pen one too many times on the course

    — jt (@JayTeeT0dd) April 14, 2024
    CBS/Twitter: @JayTeeT0dd

    And lastly...

    Me every time I fold a cardboard box and put it in the recycling bin

    — Daniel Harms🏈 (@InHarmsWay19) April 14, 2024
    CBS/Twitter: @InHarmsWay19