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We’ve got you covered for all the best TV and movies moments from Stranger Things to House of the Dragon to all of those Marvel Easter eggs you missed to what the Abbott Elementary and Squid Game casts are up to, and more. We love to excitedly yell about every rom-com, horror movie, or TV show, no matter how big or small.

Phillipa Soo On The "Complexity" Of Female Stories, Meeting Julie Andrews Backstage At "Hamilton," And Her New Romance Movie "One True Loves"

"I think, like a lot of female characters in a historical canon, that there's so much more to dig under there than we realized because we're only now starting to understand the complexity and the intrigue of women's stories and them being told in a sort of authentic and truthful way. I feel an incredible honor and privilege, and responsibility."

The cast of Daisy Jones and the Six

Which "Daisy Jones & The Six" Character Are You?

No one has more fun than the entire Daisy Jones & The Six cast laughing hysterically about Billy Dunne wearing "denim shorts."

Brandy lied about getting married before getting pregnant because she felt like having a child out of wedlock would ruin her career

15 Times Celebs Were Exposed For Lying In Interviews

Robert Pattinson once told an interviewer, "The first time I went to a circus, one of the clowns died.... Its little car exploded." However, a week later, he admitted he'd made the whole thing up so he'd have something "interesting" to say.

Reneé Rapp Talks "Hating The First Year Of Filming 'The Sex Lives Of College Girls'" Because Of Her Past Struggles With Coming Out As Bisexual

When explaining her coming out story, Reneé Rapp said, "I was just, like, laughed at every time I tried to come out. So then I never really talked about it. And I had always just said, 'I just was one of those people who never felt like they really had to come out.'"

A.J. Cook On "Criminal Minds: Evolution," Directing Her Sons, And The Props She Took Home With Her

"When we wrapped in Season 15, there were already rumors [of a reboot] kind of floating around. And everyone, all the cast, was obviously like a huge thumbs up. Of course, we would do it in a heartbeat. This is a dream. We kind of had an inkling that it was going to come together again at some point. I think the surprising part, for me, at least, is how quickly the reboot came together."