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We’ve got you covered for all the best TV and movies moments from Stranger Things to House of the Dragon to all of those Marvel Easter eggs you missed to what the Abbott Elementary and Squid Game casts are up to, and more. We love to excitedly yell about every rom-com, horror movie, or TV show, no matter how big or small.

police photo and evidence from girl in the picture

21 Incredible Documentaries With The Most Shocking Endings

"I was shocked at the last-minute curveball in The Staircase. No spoilers, but it came completely out of nowhere, sounded ridiculous, but when I thought about it, it made so much sense."

Taylor Momsen Explained Why She Felt "Isolated" From The Rest Of The "Gossip Girl" Cast And, Like, Totally Valid

"I didn't have my own clique. I didn’t fit in with you guys, I didn’t fit in with Connor [Paolo]’s friends — I was younger than them. I was the new girl. I was Grinch girl. I was always in this kind of weird, isolated world — partially of my own creating, probably.”