12 Male Characters From TV Shows That Feel Written By A Woman

    Me, looking at these fully grown men: He's so babygirl. 🥰

    1. Ted LassoTed Lasso

    Ted Lasso and Rebecca Welton in an office, Ted wearing a grey sweater with badge, Rebecca in a navy top

    2. Dave Rygalski — Gilmore Girls

    Two scenes from a TV show featuring a conversation between a woman in a sweater and a man in a jacket, followed by a kiss

    3. Sam Evans — Glee

    Mercedes and Sam from Glee in a classroom, sitting at desks. Mercedes looks forward, Sam glances sideways with a thoughtful expression

    4. Joel Hammond — Santa Clarita Diet

    TV show scene with two actors, woman eating an apple, then having a serious conversation with man

    5. Klaus Hargreeves — Umbrella Academy

    Two individuals, one standing and one sitting, wearing jackets, on an urban rooftop

    6. Drew Gardner — Search Party

    Man with curly hair wearing striped shirt eating from a bowl while standing in front of a mirror

    7. Kenneth Parcell — 30 Rock

    Collage of scenes from a show featuring characters in a casual setting with T-shirts, some with pizza, engaging in dialogue

    8. Marshall Eriksen — How I Met Your Mother

    Three-panel sequence from a TV show featuring two characters, one male, and one female, interacting with a toy helicopter indoors

    9. Winston Bishop — New Girl

    winston from "new girl" saying, "I took a sick day. I just stayed home and did a watercolor painting of mountains"

    10. Morgan Tookers — The Mindy Project

    Two people in a conversation, one in a blue blouse, the other in a green scrub top, showing varied expressions

    11. George O'Malley — Grey's Anatomy

    Character waving and then looking dejected in a hospital hallway from a film scene

    12. Phil Dunphy — Modern Family

    Two scenes from a show: Top - a man aims a toy gun, bottom - the same man posing with a woman and a dog, being photographed