15 Movie Moments From The Last 10 Years That Actors Were Actually Terrified To Film

    While filming Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Bryce Dallas Howard was "so scared" while filming a scene where Claire falls over a cliff that she passed out.

    There are obviously some MAJOR spoilers ahead!

    1. First, in It Chapter Two (2019), Jessica Chastain admitted she had "a little fear" to film the scene when Pennywise tortures Beverly in a bathroom stall that is rapidly filling with blood. A record-breaking 4,500 gallons of fake blood were used to film the scene, which couldn't be rehearsed prior to filming.

    Beverly being submerged in blood in a bathroom stall

    2. Also in It Chapter Two (2019), Bill Hader said he was "terrified" of Pennywise, played by Bill Skarsgård, namely during the scene when Pennywise confronts Richie. "The minute they say 'action,' he's so terrifying," Bill recalled when talking about the viral photos of the duo on set.

    his character closing his eyes in front of pennywise and chanting, this isn't real

    3. In Uncharted (2022), while filming the moment when Nathan is falling out of the back of a cargo plane, Tom Holland admitted it was "really scary" to shoot. He explained that they filmed this one sequence for five weeks, and it involved him being "like 100 feet in the air" at times.

    Nathan hanging onto cargo containers that are flying out of the back of a plane

    4. In Top Gun: Maverick (2023), the movie ends with Maverick taking Penny flying, which is a scene that scared Jennifer Connelly. Jennifer said prior to filming the movie, she had a "crippling fear of flying that [she] suffered from for years."

    two people taking off in a fighter jet

    5. In Nope (2022), after a "bad accident" involving a horse years prior, Daniel Kaluuya explained he had "like a week to get over [his] PTSD" before filming began on this movie where his character, OJ, rides horses.

    Daniel on horseback near a house

    6. In Dune (2021), Rebecca Ferguson was terrified to film the scenes when Lady Jessica and Paul fly in an ornithopter because she is claustrophobic. She explained, "There was a moment when I panicked, and I literally took my foot and just kicked the door out. I needed to know I could get out."

    Paul telling Jessica to run for the rocks as soon as they land, as she grips the window of the ornithopter

    7. And in Mission Impossible — Rogue Nation (2015), Rebecca Ferguson said she was "petrified" filming the scene when Ilsa and Ethan jump off the roof of the opera house. This scene was actually Rebecca's first day of filming, and she recalled "swearing and shouting the naughtiest words ever" in Tom Cruise's ear during the scene.

    Ilsa holding onto Ethan as they slide down a rope from the roof of the opera house

    8. In Anyone But You (2023), during a scene when Bea finds a spider in Ben's pants and starts screaming, the spider really bit Sydney Sweeney while filming. She explained she was a little hesitant to film with the spider but was assured it was trained; then, in the middle of the take, it actually started biting her.

    Bea asking Ben if he has a mole on his butt before pulling a spider out of his pants, and they start screaming

    9. In Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018), Bryce Dallas Howard said she was "so scared" while filming the moment when Claire and Franklin fell off a cliff in a gyrosphere. Director J.A. Bayone wanted their reactions to be very realistic, so the scene was accomplished by building a rollercoaster and having the actors experience zero gravity. Bryce recalled passing out from so much fear while filming.

    Claire and Franklin screaming while falling inside the gyrosphere in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

    10. In Barbie (2023), Margot Robbie was actually "mortified" while filming the scene when Barbie sings "Closer to Fine." Margot said she was also scared to sing in Amsterdam (2022) because she's not a good singer. Speaking about the Barbie scene, Margot said she was "embarrassed" while shooting it.

    Margot Robbie as Barbie singing in her pink convertible

    11. In Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood (2019), Leonardo DiCaprio was nervous about filming the scene where his character, Rick, uses a flamethrower to set fire to Nazis in a movie. Stunt coordinator Robert Alonzo recalled Leo being afraid he would hurt one of the stunt performers, so Robert let himself be set on fire during a rehearsal so Leo could see it was safe.

    Leonardo DiCaprio as Rick using a flamethrower in a scene involving Nazis

    12. In Avatar: The Way of Water (2022), several important scenes, like the ending as Neytiri and her family escape from being trapped beneath the ship, take place underwater, which "scared" Zoe Saldaña. She explained, "The first step is you fake it till you make it: You tell your boss, 'Yeah, absolutely, I'm so excited,' and then it's complete horror, like, 'What am I going to do?'"

    Neytiri swimming in Avatar The Way of Water

    13. In Underwater (2020), Kristen Stewart recalled having to get over her fear of water while filming the movie, which focuses on her character, Norah, and others being trapped 11,000 meters below sea level. "It was really hard. I was scared the whole time," she explained.

    Kristen Stewart in a diving suit and helmet, top, and intense expression underwater, bottom, in a film scene

    14. In The 355 (2022), Lupita Nyong'o explained she had to "face [her] fear of heights" while performing numerous stunts in the movie. "At some point, I had to jump down from one floor to another, and I was really scared," she recalled.

    Lupita Nyong'o in a tense scene from the movie, wearing black combat attire, with a walkie-talkie and aiming a gun

    15. And finally, in Cake (2014), Jennifer Aniston's character, Claire, has several scenes where she partakes in water therapy while dealing with chronic pain and addiction. In real life, Jennifer has "a real fear of going underwater" and found filming these scenes challenging.

    Jennifer Aniston with a concerned expression; bottom shows her character swimming