This "Batman" Villain Is Getting His Own Spinoff Show, And The First Trailer Just Dropped

    Fingers crossed Robert Pattinson makes a surprise cameo in the series as Batman.

    🚨Warning: This post contains major spoilers for the film The Batman. 🚨

    Colin Farrell's Penguin is getting his solo moment in the spotlight.

    Colin Farrell as Penguin in a suit sitting pensively

    On Friday, Max released their first trailer for the upcoming series, which is all about the Batman supervillain played by Colin, mobster Oz Cobb, aka Penguin.

    Colin Farrell an the red carpet

    The series is a spinoff of director Matt Reeves' 2022 film The Batman, where Colin first played Penguin, who appeared as one of Batman's antagonists.

    Penguin in a plaid suit sitting at a circular booth with papers in a dimly lit room with a cityscape background

    Robert Pattinson played the caped crusader in the film, and Zoë Kravitz co-starred as Catwoman. However, neither actor has been announced as appearing in the new series. Instead, the show will highlight Penguin's journey in Gotham following the events depicted in The Batman.

    Catwoman and Batman close together against a city skyline at dusk

    As the trailer shows, Cristin Milioti also stars in the series. According to Deadline, she'll play Sofia Falcone, a rival to Penguin and Carmine Falcone's daughter.

    Character in a dark outfit with an open mouth, expressing shock or fear, in a forest setting

    In the 2022 film, Carmine was played by John Turturro, and the character was killed. Oz was his second-in-command.

    Carmine standing by a pool table in a dimly lit room with a cityscape visible through the round window behind

    As for Batman himself, he'll eventually hit the big screen again. According to the Hollywood Reporter, a sequel titled The Batman Part II has been scheduled for Oct. 2, 2026.

    Robert Pattinson in a suit and overcoat walking in front of a police car and classical architecture

    The Penguin, which will consist of eight episodes, is set to stream this fall on Max. A premiere date has not been announced. You can watch the new trailer below:

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