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Parents Are Sharing The Creepiest Things Their Kids Have Ever Said, And I'm Sorry To Do This To You

"She ripped the head off one of her dolls and put it in a box. I asked her why she did that, and she said, 'Practicing.'"


How Many Of These Horror Films Have You Actually Seen?

I'm truly terrified, and I love it.


"Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark" Has A New Trailer And Holy Heck, It's Spooky

Why do humans in horror films insist on reading aloud from creepy books? In this essay I will explore...


"The Perfection" Stars Logan Browning And Allison Williams Played The Creepiest "Would You Rather" Game Ever

"Is there a way for both of us to lose? I think that's how well we've done."

23 TV Shows So Terrifying You'll Be Sleeping With The Light On

If you need me I'll be locked in my room bingeing all of these for the next few weeks.


What Is The Worst Decision Ever Made By A Character In A Horror Movie?

This movie would've been, like, 20 minutes long if y'all just moved out of the house.

What Are The Best TV Shows For Horror Fans?

You'd think real life would be scary enough.

What Kind Of Sandwich Are You Based On Your Favorite Movies?

What's better than a good sandwich? A good movie!

17 More Underrated Horror Films You've Probably Never Seen, But Need To ASAP

Don't call yourself a horror fan if you haven't seen these ~deep cuts~.

Here Are A Bunch Of Cool Details You Maybe Missed In The "It Chapter Two" Teaser

The movie theater in Derry is closed in present day.:-(


Could You Escape From Pennywise The Dancing Clown?

Will the dancing clown from "It" make you float too?


Find Out If You're One Of The Losers' Club Members Or Pennywise From "It"

It doesn't matter who you get. You'll all float down here.

"It: Chapter 2" Has Its First Trailer And The Clown Is Back In Town

I'm just trying to float the heck outta here.