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We’ve got you covered for all the best TV and movies moments from Stranger Things to House of the Dragon to all of those Marvel Easter eggs you missed to what the Abbott Elementary and Squid Game casts are up to, and more. We love to excitedly yell about every rom-com, horror movie, or TV show, no matter how big or small.

Catherine O'Hara in Schitt's Creek, Kristen Wiig in Bridesmaids, text: How Moira says "bebe" This airplane scene in "Bridesmaids"

19 Behind-The-Scenes Facts About TV And Movie Scenes That Were (Mostly) Unplanned

In Season 6 of How I Met Your Mother, Jason Segel improvised his heartbreaking line after learning Marshall's father unexpectedly passed away. Jason and his costar Alyson Hannigan weren't clued in about this final scene, prompting an even more genuine reaction when he said, "My dad's dead? I’m not ready for this."

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Which "Scream 6" Character Are You?

Come on...tell me what your favorite scary movie is...📞