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I Can't Look At These 16 Terrifying Photos Anymore, But At The Same Time, I Can't Look Away

"Should I be worried there's a dead body inside..."

I'm a horror fanatic. I've seen every horror movie you could think of, so it would be fair to assume that I'm not easily fazed by unsettling images. BUT THINK AGAIN. These 19 photos from r/oddlyterrifying and r/weird made the hair on the back of my neck stand up:

1. "Saudi Arabia's first male robot touching a reporter's butt."

A Saudi robot groping a reporter

2. "Ahhh, should I be worried there's a dead body inside?"

Door and bins with numerous insects gathered around them

3. "Massive wasp nest in a home in Australia."

A bathroom ceiling covered in a large cluster of wasps

4. "The dangers of camping in Florida."

Tent pitched in a natural setting with multiple alligators resting nearby

5. "The 'entertainment area' of a porn theater in Germany."

Empty movie theater seats with tissues on them, suggestive of a pornographic film

6. "1900s dental model."

a 1900s dental model

7. "The hallway outside of my apartment."

Dimly lit hallway with a red light near an exit sign

8. "Potatoes trying to find the soil..."

potato sprouts on a wall

9. "This piece of wood being sold on Facebook Marketplace."

A unique tree stump resembling a face with an open mouth and hollow eyes, positioned outdoors on concrete

10. "Someone rang my doorbell and left this on the porch??"

A doormat covered with fluffy dog hair, suggesting a dog was recently groomed

11. "When the fuck did Walmart start selling coffins?"

Screenshot of an online store page listing a blue coffin for sale, displayed as an unusual Internet find

12. "Pulled into a parking lot to a jump scare."

Car windscreen with a realistic face mask on the headrest creating an illusion of a passenger

13. "Tastes like what?!!!"

Label on jam jar reads "Tastes Like Grandma, Homemade Jam Black Raspberry" with a child's photo

14. "My boyfriend ordered me a 'dog cake' that looked too realistic to eat."

a cake in the shape of a dog

15. "These alligator cowboy boots with the eyes still attached."

alligator boots

16. And finally, "The Damascus goat. They're beautiful as youngsters, then as they get older, they...change..."

A Damascus goat